Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jack is eight months old!

Jack boy,
Happy 8 months!

Weight/height: Our next appointment isn't until January but I'm guessing you are 18-19 pounds and 28 1/2-29 inches. You're pretty solid and SO long. I can't keep you in footed sleepers!  
Hair: Long and blonde, it is curling up in the back so I'm anxious to see if it will be curly. It is hanging over your ears now so we may not make it to your first birthday before you need a trim.
Eyes: Still blue but getting darker. They are shaped just like Georgia's and you look like identical babies when you sleep.

Clothes: Some 9 month but mostly 12 month now. You are in footed pajamas by day and jon jons/longalls for outings. You mostly wear one pieces, I love them and we are wearing them while we can. They are the cutest!
Diapers: size 3
Sleeping: You have had some congestion this month so you haven't slept great. Bedtime is 9pm, you get up 1-2 times to eat and wake up at 7-7:30am. You seem to have hit a growth spurt! We can't fill you up at night.

Likes: Being held, especially by your Mommy, being tickled, your walker,  being with other kids, squealing
Dislikes: being put down, someone leaving the room, your two bottom teeth coming in, not being fed fast enough :)
Eating: You take about 4 bottles a day and eat 3 times. You eat baby food well and we have started incorporating some table foods-mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, cheese, bananas. You reach for the food we are eating. I am weaning you from breastmilk now, I had hoped to make it to a year but my supply has decreased so this month will probably be it. I am still proud of our BF journey.
Milestones: You can say four words now-mama, dada, baba, and hi. You are crawling (sort of)! You just started a few days ago and you are getting the hang of it. Also, your two bottom teeth are coming in. Georgia was also eight months when she cut her first tooth!

Baby items we can't live without: wubbanub, teethers
Happy eight months big boy! We can't wait to celebrate our first Christmas with you next week. We love you so much!

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