Monday, December 14, 2015


I'm behind on a few posts so I am cranking them out while I have a window of time. I have a room full of gifts to wrap and even a few more to buy but everything else is pretty much done. Now I just need a wrapping elf to show up at my house ;) If you have one, please send him/her my way.

We cleaned and organized our playroom for the home tour last weekend and these two were on a mission to change all of that. Both nurseries and the playroom had small trees this year and we made the decorations for our playroom tree on Christmas break last year (here). They love having trees in all of their rooms.

Wednesday night we attended our annual holiday meal at church. After the meal the children's choir rehearsed for a live nativity and Georgia decided she wanted to join the rehearsal :) Of course Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Gina let her be a part of it! She had never practiced with them before but she loves to sing so she was all about it. She was SO proud of herself!

My cousin Payton snuck the sweetest picture of her praying during the live nativity. The best moment ever!

Friday night our friend Heather and Aunt Shanna came over to make Christmas cookies. Heather watched Marcus and Shanna grow up and loves them dearly so this was a sweet reunion for all!

These turned out so much better than if we had made them ourselves. She had the real baking supplies and the cookies were delicious. I'm still sweeping up sprinkles but it was worth it!

We dressed in our Sunday best for church and tried to get a sweet sibling picture and this was the best I could get. I've just accepted this is how it will be for the next few years. And that's ok because this is real life and sitting down for a picture is just not something they are interested in right now. They sure do love each other though!

Baby's first Christmas. It doesn't get any sweeter. He doesn't have a clue what is going on this year but he will learn from big sister. 

And let's just talk for a second about how special this little boy is to our family. He is the perfect balance of blue to pink, trucks to tiaras, jon jons and knee socks to dresses and bloomers. I feel so blessed to be a mother to a daughter and a son. They have both been the greatest gifts!

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