Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas morning after Santa made his stop. Santa was a happy Santa with a year of no big toy assembly. Last year he had a dollhouse to do so this was a nice break :)
Looking at their Santa gifts and opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Georgia's gifts this year was a dolly, ballerina dance clothes (tutu, leotard, slippers and tights) and board games and Jack received a PBK chair, wooden blocks and a sports toy. They both received a sled from Santa and a few small things.
Now both babies have their own chairs. And how cute is Jack's Santa suit pjs! Also all of his pants and sleepers hit him about at his calf. So tall!
And then it was time for the big gift from Mommy and Daddy...
a box with Mickey Mouse ear balloons...
Does this mean what we think it means?!? We are going to Disney World!
I will never forget this Christmas. The surprised look on Georgia's face when she saw her Santa gifts and her little squeal when she saw the crumbs on the cookie plate and the missing carrot sticks. The pure joy Jack felt trying to eat the wrapping paper and playing with his big sister :) It was a magical day.
Framing this to commemorate our 2015 Christmas. It tells a thousand words.

My favorite picture from Christmas 2015. Jack is climbing on the sled since he is trying to pull up on everything, Georgia is playing with one of her Christmas gifts and I am watching my babies. Thankful for my husband for the perfect snapshot.
We spent all Christmas day at home playing with our new toys. We prefer a slow, savored Christmas at home on Christmas day. Our families plan their events on different days to honor this and I am so thankful for that.

Christmas night we did celebrate with our Embry family at my aunt and uncle's house and went to my dad's to open gifts. These two were well rested and the life of the parties!
I will post our other Christmas celebrations this week as time allows. We are enjoying our Christmas break at home with not a lot of plans and places to be. It's nice to just enjoy our home and each other. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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