Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry and Bright

Our days are filled with Christmas magic which leaves little time for blogging (or anything much for that matter) but that's not a priority right now and that's ok. I started strong with my Christmas shopping in late November and then I kind of played out and ended up crunched at the end but it is all done. This Christmas season I have learned a lot about how to make the season easier for us next year. There's been some trial by fire but we're learning the dos and don'ts with a family of four. Despite the craziness of the holiday with two babes it has been my favorite Christmas season. Georgia and Jack make Christmas double the fun for us!

Sister girl loves to dance. They found the Rockettes on Netflix at Grandmomma's and she loves to watch and dance with them. Santa knows her love for dance so she is getting some dance gear and will start dance lessons in the new year! I danced for six years so you can imagine my excitement about this.

Wednesday night we went Christmas caroling with our church. I was hesitant to attempt this tradition with two littles but Georgia Grace loves to sing and I knew she would have a ball so we went. Luckily Jack slept the entire time so one of us stayed in the vehicle with him while one of us caroled with GGH.

Her favorite stop was at our friend Bro. Raymond's house. She greeted him with a big smooch!

Thursday night we went to Breakfast with Santa at Chaney's Dairy Barn. This was something we did last year and really enjoyed so when my friend Abby asked us about joining we called and made reservations. We went on a weeknight this year and it was less crowded and more enjoyable.

Breakfast with Santa 2014 and 2015. A year makes all the difference in maturity. Time slow down!

The whole crew. He was a brave Santa. It was a fun night despite two of their emotions. Georgia couldn't understand why Jack was crying! She is our mother hen.

Friday was the last day of preschool for 2015 and they celebrated with their Christmas party.

Every day in the month of December they have lessons about Christmas. They start with the birth of Jesus and progress to the secular celebrations. They make a nativity wall from all of the coloring sheets they work on and Georgia's star was on the wall! We were so proud of her.

Saturday we were missing Uncle Eric and Aunt Paige so we facetimed them. It concluded with Christmas caroling in winter gear ha! Georgia thought it was hilarious.

Saturday night we had Christmas at Meme's house. Sweet cousins Lola and Georgia posing in front of the tree :)
Poor Jack boy serious needs a hair cut already! I don't see anyway we are making it to a year. It is starting to curl in the back. He has hair like his daddy!

Grandmomma and Granddad gave Jack a walker as an early Christmas present. Six days until Christmas and he found the tree. One ornament casualty and lots of rearranging so far. He is a man on a mission!

Daddy serenaded us with a little melody before supper one night. The babes were impressed! We pray we have at least one pianist in our bunch.

Sweet, happy Christmas babies. Only their Daddy could get smiles like this out of them. This picture defines Christmas for me :)

Sunday night we had Christmas at Ma and Pa's house. Georgia's big gift was the frozen castle! Oh my she LOVES it. She also has all the Frozen characters to put in the castle. She was so excited!

Jack's big toy was a riding horse (Santa was also bringing this but we got the word to him in time to make the change :D). We have to hold him on for now but he will be on his own in no time. He loved it and fussed when we took him away from it! It was a great evening celebrating with them and they were so generous to us! My mother-in-law does the best stockings, Marcus told her she should do a clinic on stocking stuffing :) We are blessed to call them our family!

Monday night we went to the Ross's for dinner and to exchange gifts. They gifted us the neatest silhouette print of our family of four. So awesome and thoughtful! And these three kept us on our toes all night. What one of them didn't think of the other one did :) They are quite the trio!

Tuesday morning the babes went to cousin Payton's for a "muffins, milk and movies" morning! She was so sweet to offer to do this for us to give us extra time to do whatever we needed like wrap gifts, shop, cook, etc. I will be honest and admit I took the time to SLEEP. I have not been getting enough sleep lately and it was catching up to me so I took advantage and just slept. And it felt so good. Thank you Payt for this little gift! GGH ate every muffin top in the house and Jack tried to eat anything and everything he could :) It sounded like a lot of fun for all!

Tonight GGH requested to bake chocolate chip cookies. She loves to bake and be in the kitchen. We would bake cookies every night if left up to her. She is such a big helper too!

It's officially Christmas Eve Eve and our excitement level is continuing to grow! Georgia is ready for Santa to visit her and bring "a dolly and prizes" :) Merry early Christmas, friends!

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