Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Recap

This past week and weekend we:

1. Dentist appointment
Georgia loves the dentist. She was such a good girl and I was a very proud momma bear. No cavities! She held her mouth open like this pretty much from the time we walked in the door until we walked out ha! She really took the instructions we gave her to heart.

Our friend Aimee was her hygienist and is so good with her. We had a great afternoon taking care of our teeth!

2. Aunt Nell
Our sweet Aunt Nell went home to be with the Lord on Saturday. Although she went by Nell most of her life, her real name was Georgia. We gave our daughter the perfect name to share with such a sweet soul.

She lived across the street from my in laws and we enjoyed visiting her with the babies. We would hand deliver her Christmas card every year so we could visit her and I had set hers out this week for our visit. We will dearly miss her!

3. Home Tour

Sunday our home was featured in the 2015 Butler County Chapter NSDAR home tour. We were asked to participate last year but given we had just moved in the week of Thanksgiving we barely had the house furnished with the must-haves (beds, kitchen table, TV, etc.) let alone decorated for Christmas. We agreed we would be a part of the event next year. We had beautiful weather for it and a good turnout. Lots of time and work went into preparing the house so we are glad to have it behind us and we were honored to be chosen. Now if I could only keep my house this clean and spruced!

4. Birthday party
While I did the home tour my mother-in-law took Georgia Grace to her friend Eliza's birthday party. She loved the inflatable slide at the party and I think she pretty much camped out on it the entire time. 

Sweet preschool friends Chloe, Eliza and Georgia 

5. Teeth!
Jack boy's two bottom teeth are finally coming in! We have felt like he has been teething for months because of how he chews. He didn't feel the best this weekend and there's no way he was letting me get a picture of those toothies. Maybe in a few days when he feels better. He is also holding his own bottle now and very close to crawling. We will blink and he will be starting school. That's seriously how fast it feels like time goes.

6. Christmas spirit
Our Christmas jams and attire are in full rotation and we have our daily Christmas activities-adjusting our Santa nutcracker countdown, calling the North Pole and reading Christmas stories. I LOVE having a baby at Christmastime! The birth of Jesus has a deeper meaning.

Georgia received a personalized video from Santa that she used for show and tell at preschool. She was just a little excited to show them. I think their excitement matched hers!

She loves all the Christmas shows and music. They are creating their nativity wall at preschool right now so we talk about baby Jesus a lot. She came home the other day and told us, "I have baby Jesus in my belly". Oh my.

He is excited for Christmas but not excited when sister smothers him. She loves to love on him and most of the time he is fine with that but it gets old somedays. Bless it! :)

Just 18 short days left in the Christmas season. I still have lots to do and prepare for but I'm focusing on just enjoying the little moments and taking it all in. These are the very best days.

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