Monday, May 23, 2016

First Dance Recital

Georgia Grace started taking ballet in January and on Saturday she had her very first dance recital. She LOVES to dance but I wasn't sure how being on a stage with bright lights and 300 people watching would go. She was also in four dances which gave me anxiety since she's just three and this is her first dance experience. There were lots of insecurities as a mom but I trusted her instructor and the process. After several years of dance myself I just knew it would all come together just in the nick of time.

The recital was called "The Four Seasons" and had 6-7 songs for every season. It was a true theatrical production. Georgia danced to Zippity-Doo-Dah, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Teddy Bear's Picnic by Henry Hall and Let It Go by Disney.

My tiny ballerina who put on an amazing show for her first recital! She worked the crowd with lots of sweet grins and she did her best to be in the center of the stage as much as she could ;) I couldn't believe her stage/audience awareness and how she truly turned it on for the show. There were some practices that I wondered which Georgia we would get-wild, defiant, distracted, disinterested ha! Thankfully we got Georgia the dancing queen.
She loved getting to wear makeup. She would wear makeup everyday if I let her. This was our first true ballerina bun and after some practice we got the hang of it and it did not move the entire night.

The lighting was low because of the stage lights so I took some black and white pictures that I love. Don't let this picture fool you though, she sat down just long enough for a picture and then she was back up running around like the energizer bunny. She was totally in her element.
Here are a few pictures of the behind the scenes recital fun:
An ipad and food helped us survive dress rehearsal night.

We were in a gymnasium so a lot of this was going on :) This is our sweet friend Graceyn.

We had professional pictures made for every costume. This one was probably my favorite costume. I can't wait to see what the photographer captured.

Our Frozen group picture attempts were hysterical. This was our first attempt. It was two hours past our friend Analin's bedtime and she was rioting!

Her sweet mama tried though and stayed positive. I think we may submit these to The Ellen Show :)

And then show night our friend Hannah wasn't feeling the Frozen pic so her mama improvised. We make the best out of every situation. I love my fellow dance moms!

Lined up and ready for the opening act, Zippity-Doo-Dah. The baby class was the first group on stage and Georgia led the line, that was a proud moment for her.

After the show we snapped a picture of all the girls that go to AKK preschool together. You can tell how much they love each other. Sweet sweet friendships! 

Ms. Moira and Georgia, she was also my dance teacher two decades ago. I appreciate her teaching and instilling a love for dance in Georgia. She's still got it!

Daddy was so proud of his tiny dancer. I mainly stood in the back to help with costume changes but I spotted Daddy a few times during the show and he was grinning from ear to ear.

Jack was the best little boy during the recital. They said he made it to the last song and then started saying "bye bye" HA! He even spotted his sister and kept his eyes glued on her.

Baby butterflies practicing their opening number

I love this sweet picture that Holly took, they were grinning and happy the entire time.

The hide-and-seek part of Teddy Bear's Picnic

Thank you to all her family and friends that came to support her in her first recital. She had 27 people that came to watch her and four bouquets of flowers! The bigger the crowd the better she performs :) She is one very loved little girl.

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