Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jack is twelve months old!

My dear Jack,

You are twelve months old! The last year has been the quickest year of our lives. We blinked and it was time to celebrate your first birthday. My emotions are mixed about your growing up so fast but I'm mostly grateful to be able to watch you develop in a little boy that makes me the proudest mom.

-You weigh 21 1/2 pounds (45th%), you're 31 1/2 inches long (92nd%) and you're in the 98th% head circumference. You are going to do big things with that noggin of yours someday :) You're larger than your sister at this age. You wear 12-18 month clothing, size 4 shoe and a size 3 diaper. 
-You have six teeth and are currently cutting a few more. You love chewing on your baby toothbrush to relieve your teeth pain. 
-You drink whole milk bottles now and handled the switch very well. I do put some karo syrup in your bottle to prevent constipation. Yes, I know karo syrup is just sugar but I would much rather give you a food product than to medicate. You LOVE your milk!

-You are eating everything these days and you like everything. Your favorites are strawberries, eggs, cheese, meat and corn. You eat three meals a day like we do and some snacks in between. You take 3-4 milk bottles a day. No wonder you have grown so much! I can already tell keeping you fed as a teenage boy will be a challenge. 
-You continue to be a true blue mama's boy. You go to other people and are happy as long as I'm not around but if you see me, you want me. You also want me to hold you all day. Even when we're eating supper or getting ready to go somewhere. You just really really love me :) I'm very flattered my son.
-Daddy is your rough housing buddy. He can make you laugh and cackle like no one else can. 

-You don't like to be alone, changing clothes, taking baths (I've learned from your sister it's a short phase but right now you HATE bathtime) and sitting in your highchair. Your patience is short and your temper is quick :)
-You were such a big fan of your wubbanub paci that we feared it would be difficult to take away but you surprised us with how easy you transitioned. You fussed a few minutes a couple nights and that was it. I am so proud of you!
-You sleep like a champ. Normal bedtime is 7-7:30pm and you sleep until 7am! In the last few weeks you've even decided by 6-6:30pm you were ready for bed because you were so tired from playing outside and walking. You also take either one long nap or two short naps a day. Your pediatrician Dr. Lee wants to know my secret for having two excellent sleeping babies :) 

-You are walking! You really took off last week after taking your first steps several weeks ago and then just being content to speed crawl everywhere. Now you are practically running. 
-You are very vocal and have about ten words you use regularly. You also will repeat words and names that you here us say. When it is bedtime you tell us, "bye bye". It's the sweetest thing.
-You love riding in your cozy coupe and trike, playing with a ball, climbing, and being outside. You keep us on our toes with some of your wild boy shenanigans. 

-You think Georgia Grace hung the moon and stars. You watch everything she does in amazement and you want to do big things just like she does. You are blessed to have a built in best friend and sidekick for life.

Our love for you is immeasurable. We didn't realize how much we longed for a son until you came along. Now, I can't imagine my life without he title "boy mom". We love you forever and ever and always!


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