Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Playschool Graduation

Last week was a doozy for us. Georgia transitioned to a big girl bed, had her first dance recital AND "graduated" from playschool. I felt like we jammed six months worth of milestones in six days instead. There was a lot of happiness and pride accompanied with acceptance that she is growing up. Growth is beautiful and humbling as a mom. I relish it and loathe it all at the same time.

Georgia went to three of the four playschool sessions and her graduation was on Thursday. She did amazing in her first two playschool classes and would walk into a room full of strangers and start playing without hesitation. The third session she became scared for some reason. That carried over to the beginning of the ceremony and she really wanted to cling to Mommy but reluctantly went with her class and teachers.

I was really thinking that she would not walk across the stage to receive her diploma but she surprised us and did amazing! She just needed a little backstage reassurance from Mommy and she was good to go. I love my baby girl.

She was in the youngest class that was mostly three year olds. Her favorite things about playschool were playing with playdough, eating lunch, rolling like a pig (?) and her big high school friend, Gracie.

Her friend Hudson received his diploma right before her and when she came back to her seat he pulled the seat out for her like a true gentleman. So sweet!

2016 playschool graduate

Even though Georgia is socialized on a weekly basis through preschool, I'm glad she had this opportunity to adapt to a new environment and meet new kiddos her age. She was forced out of her comfort zone and sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to grow and develop. I am so proud of how she overcame her fear. She amazes me everyday and makes me the proudest mommy on the planet.

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