Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

I am combining a recap of last week and Mother's Day celebrations into one post, I'm very close to being caught up and it feels so good. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to pull up an old photo and used the search engine on my blog to find it. This has saved me countless hours getting on my laptop and searching through all my pictures files. Blogging is a beautiful things when I don't neglect it :)

Georgia Grace attended her third session of playschool last week. We have been so proud of how she goes right in without hesitation. Her Gammy is a teacher at the school so she gets to go visit her once a day.

Playschool has forced her to get out of her comfort zone of friends and interact with other kids her age and older kids too. We have already taught her a few life lessons through the experience. It's been a good exposure for her and she is excited to graduate next week!

Jack's one year checkup was Tuesday and he received a clean bill of health! He had his finger stuck (not one tear and ripped the bandaid off) and three shots that only warranted about 15 seconds of crying. You were more upset I wouldn't let you waller all over the doctor's office floor and eat the sanitizer foam. Dr. Lee was proud of his stats, walking and sleeping. We need to work on decreasing his milk intake and increasing his food intake. He's growing up too fast.

After our appointment we met up with my dearest friend "Aunt Marian". She took me under her wing when I worked at the hospital and we have stayed in contact ever since. She loves babies and Jack loved her equally! She is retiring in the fall and I couldn't be happier for her. We love our Aunt Marian!

Our spring recital is just around the corner and we are having extra dance practices to prepare for the show. On our way home one evening I decided it was too perfect of a sunset to pass up so I turned on my flashers, pulled off the road in the grass and carried Georgia Grace out in a field to capture the moment in time. It was just a normal Thursday evening, driving home with my two babies thinking about what I could whip up for supper in 15 minutes. I never want to forget the mundane. I never want to forget this stage of life and just how beautiful it is.

If you're local and want to see some adorable little girls in tutus and exaggerated headdresses, you should come! I will guarantee that you will be entertained.

It was derby weekend and my favorite pony picture of all time is Georgia at our cousin Marley's first birthday party on derby weekend two years ago. I've decided the horse cardigan is one I will hang on to for future granddaughters :)

In other news, we can FINALLY let this cat out of the bag!! She told us in Magic Kingdom on the Walt Disney Railroad. This child is so loved and prayed for already. Aunt Ash is having a baby!!

Friday we celebrated Derby at school and my school nutrition ladies were derby dandies! We served hot browns and derby brownies. They make work fun!

Friday night we went to Keagen's baseball game to support the PBI Bank "Loan Rangers". I'm sure not everyone finds it as funny as I do but I think their team name is hysterical. They won and Jack enjoyed his first baseball game. He really wanted to be on the other side of that fence though.

Told you. He would have been fine on the field or rolling down the hill to play with the other kids but going home he was NOT fine with.

Saturday was Derby, hanging out around the house, and working in the yard and landscape.

Mother's Day morning I woke up to homemade cards, painted MOMMY letters and a special breakfast. Special because they made it for me but it was just the same old stuff I eat every morning but they know that's just me and I would enjoy that more than anything else. Marcus thinks I'm crazy I'm sure.

The card from Georgia is blue and the card from Jack is yellow. He actually hand delivered the card to me when Daddy brought him downstairs from his crib and it just melted me. I love my babies will everything I have!

Mother's Day 2016

We went to church and then my sister hosted us for a Mother's Day lunch. She put a lot of time and thought into making it special and I was so proud of her. We gifted my mom a new mixer this year because the one she has was from when my grandfather was a milk man and he earned enough points to redeem one. She was always put us first. Happy Mother's Day! 

It was a Mother's Day weekend full of homemade cards, hydrangeas and time spent with my people all of my favorite things.

My rose bush I received last year for Mother's Day has exploded this year and I brought some stems in to enjoy. 

Mother's Day can be a day full of the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. My prayers are with those that don't have a mom to celebrate with or who long to be a mom and it hasn't happened yet. You aren't forgotten and He is with you. His yoke is easy and He wants us to cast our burdens upon Him. There is so much rescue and relief in those words.

Thank you to all the women in my life that have been mother figures to me. You all are such blessings to me.

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