Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello May

I have taken a mini break from writing and picture taking, not sure why but I've just kind of gave myself a rest. It could be because I have zero energy for anything but keeping everyone fed and alive. But summer is around the corner and the laid back days with slower schedules and mornings at the pool are almost here!

We are wearing this boy out playing outside. His new bedtime is 6pm. My new bedtime is midnight because I'm up treating all his clothes with oxiclean.
(I posted this on IG and my friend Alex recommend hydrogen peroxide and shout mixed together and it worked on a blood stain from a nose bleed! The stain had been there for two days, I thought it was hopeless but was so happy about the new remedy!)

She has an ability to make even the gloomy days cheerful. She isn't wearing pants because we had a slow, easy Saturday morning that didn't require them :)

This was our birthday gift to Jack and he's a big fan! Saturday it rained on and off all day but we were outdoors in between the showers.

My Dad took us to Shogun this weekend for a late birthday dinner for me. The last time Jack went to Shogun I was a thousand weeks pregnant and he came five days later :) I have never seen him so still for so long. This was right after he was thrown a shrimp to catch in his mouth LOL! The chef did it for everyone at the table and when Jack realized he was going to be left out he started hollering at him! It was hilarious.

Our baby girl had her half birthday this weekend. There's a full post coming once I get everything caught up but let's just say I was emotional about this. I feel like her third birthday party was yesterday and here we are half a year later. I really need some scientist to figure out the whole slowing down time concoction. I can't let my mind go to how I will feel when she turns 5, 10, 13, 16, 18. My love for her grows exponentially each and every day. 

Sunday afternoon we attended our cousin Marley's Sofia the First Princess birthday party. It was such a fun party with lots of things to do and princess accessories galore.

Everyone dressed like royalty and it was neat to see such a variety. Georgia surprised me and picked Tinkerbell to of her princess closet. 

Georgia always brings us a craft she has made from children's church on Sunday's and this was this week's reward. It makes me so happy to see her learning about Jesus and understanding that prayer should be a part of her daily life. I try to pray with her through the day, not just bedtime. We pray in the mornings on the way to preschool, before meals and when she isn't acting nice and needs to ask for forgiveness. 

We went for a little drive Sunday afternoon, she wanted her window down :)

A ride before bed makes us a sleepyhead. Also, two of his favorite things: 1. Being outside, 2. Being naked.

Georgia girl helped Grandmommma make the rolls for our Monday night dinner. We always eat dinner on Monday nights at their house and she loves to help get it ready. 

Tomorrow is Jack's one year checkup and Georgia's last day of playschool. Maybe I will find some energy to take some pictures of those events :) 

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