Friday, November 14, 2014

19 Weeks

I'm hoping this little corner of the www will hold me accountable to continue my weekly updates like I did the first time around. We have had so much going on so I'm just now starting them but we're getting to the interesting stuff now anyway :) Even though it's harder to find the time with baby #2 I want this pregnancy to be just as exciting and celebrated! So here we go for the next 21 weeks---really, that's all I have left?!?
Pregnancy Update:
How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: baby is the size of a mango
Total Weight Gain: Gained 1 lb (have no idea how this is possible with the size of my bump!)
Maternity Clothes: My maternity tote is out of storage and sitting in our room but I'm still able to squeeze in regular clothes except my maternity swimsuit for our beach trip last week. The rubberband pant trick has been my best friend for several weeks now :)
Gender: It's a boy!!! We are so excited we will have one of each now!
Movement: I'm feeling him quite a bit through the day. I'd say in a few weeks Marcus and Georgia Grace will be able to feel him too. I'll never get tired the feeling of a baby in my womb!
Sleep: I'm sleeping like a rock and could sleep 24/7 if I allowed myself ha!
Cravings: Salty and hearty! I want steak, beef jerky, peanut butter, soups. And then a bowl of chocolate ice cream before bed! I'm sure I will make up for lost time on my weight gain at my next appointment.
Symptoms/Sickness: My sickness has improved over the last few weeks. I still am sensitive to smells and can gag at the drop of the hat but no vomiting. As long as I keep food on my stomach I am a-ok.
Best Moment this week: Seeing his nursery painted, carpeted and ready to furnish and decorate!
This pregnancy is almost half over and I feel like it just started. I knew it would go fast this time around. We are moving this weekend (!!!!!) and I can't wait to be settled and be able to focus on baby boy. And we have to name him sometime too :) We're working on it and will announce once it's official.

All in all we are doing great and just getting excited about starting traditions in our new home this holiday season. I watched my first Hallmark Christmas movie last night and I'm completely in the spirit. It's such a special time of year!


  1. I absolutely love that top, so cute! I have still been feeling sick but when I do want to eat, it has to be hearty, lots of carbs! Can't wait to see nursery pics!