Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Memorable Second Birthday

We are back from the beach and this week I am attempting to play catchup on the blog. I want everything to be documented and up to date before we submerge ourselves in the holiday season which is nearly here! And we hope to move into our house this month also so lots of fun events and memories being made :)
Last Thursday was Georgia Grace's actual birthday and we tried to make it special despite our busyness.
She went to bed as an one year old...
and I have no picture of her waking up because she was NOT in the mood ha!
Last year she had a much better outlook on waking up :)
We got up and got ready for the Halloween party at AKK. I was off for her birthday last year but I decided to work this year so she could go to the party and leave a little early for our afternoon plans.
They made it a special day for her and she had a cake and received a gift (Anna doll) from AKK.

I think she thoroughly enjoyed it!
And then it was time to party! She went right for the Olaf apples. 

And like always bit the nose :)
Before they got in their costumes they did a little pre-party dancing. She had decided she wanted to wear pjs and if you want to wear pjs on your birthday you get to.
Wardrobe change and the birthday girl transformed into Princess Anna! There were a million Elsa and Anna's for Halloween this year but you think this girl minded? Her costume was completely homemade by Grandmomma! Everything but the boots which were my Mom's. It was so beautiful and I know she will be wearing it for dressup for years to come. 
The partying preschoolers! Love that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law join in on the costume fun!
Grandmomma made Shanna's costume too and Grandmomma wore antlers (Sven) so the whole Frozen cast was represented :)
A sweet picture of her with one of her boyfriends Thomas. He says he will marry her someday and that would be alright by me! He's the sweetest thing.

After the party and a nap we picked her up early and headed to the pumpkin patch! She has been once with Gammy and Gran Stan this year but we never got to take her so we decided her actual birthday would be a perfect opportunity.
I asked her if she wanted an apple cider slush like Mommy and she said, "No, ice cream!"
And then the unthinkable happened. We took her to the petting farm section of the Orchard and a pony bit her finger! Yes, a pony bit her on her birthday-is that not the worst luck ever?!? After cleaning and disinfecting her finger and getting her calmed down we knew the pumpkin patch trip was over. Bless her heart we felt so bad about what happened. She is fine (after I sent my NP friend text after text of worries!) but I have a feeling she won't be asking for a pony like most little girls do...
She passed out on the way home. It wasn't the exact birthday we had in mind but one we won't forget.
Regardless of her age my baby she will always be. Bring on year #3 and all the fun memories that come with it!

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