Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Roundup

It's Monday and I'm doing a quick blog update from my phone since we won't have Internet until Friday. We had a great first weekend in our new home. I say home because it instantly felt like that to us. We've all slept like rocks (it helps we're exhausted from moving) and would rather just stay home than go do anything. Plus it's really clean right now :)

Here was the house with a skiffy of snow on it Monday. Georgia was in the yard playing with the pumpkins on the porch and the snow in the yard ha!
Our biggest headache has been finding furniture that will work for our living room. This is sectional/sofa #3 and it's the winner! We have a long narrow living room with a big hearth and lots of doorways so it's tricky but this layout allowed us to have a sectional (which is what I really wanted and thought would provide the most seating for us) and a recliner so husband and wife are both happy :) More furniture and decor to come but so glad to have the heart of the room finished!

AKK does holiday units every season and for Thanksgiving they always ask every child in private one thing they are thankful for. There are days I doubt my abilities as a parent and then I get a little reminder like this that we must be doing something right :) I am SO proud of her.

The highlight of the weekend was celebrating my mom's 50th birthday! Yes, fifty and she looks thirty. I really really hope I get her genes :) More pictures to come from the good camera of the surprise party we threw her!

Saturday night we did some house/Christmas shopping. We went to the mall for our bedding and Georgia Grace loved seeing all the Christmas decorations. And we rode the escalator at Macy's which could have been her first time and was a big hit!
The icing on the cake this weekend was getting a sneak peek at our family pictures that Kasey Inman Photography took last weekend. I love every one I have seen! Christmas cards and framed pictures for the house-check :)

It's thanksgiving week and I have so much to be thankful for. We're going to enjoy this week spending time with family and hosting our first Thanksgiving! My heart is full.

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