Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Week 2014

The blog was neglected this week as we concentrated on getting more settled in the house and celebrating the holiday. I should also add that AT&T is on my naughty list this year, they make me want to lose my religion.
Anyway, besides that ordeal we had a fantastic week at home. I left the house just when I had to and spent the rest of the time enjoying our new surroundings, cooking, decorating and shopping from my phone :) It was pretty perfect in my eyes.

Wednesday afternoon our entertainment center we have been waiting for arrived. We were both eager to have it set up to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade so Marcus got busy. I have to brag on my man for a second. He has been very handy and patient throughout this whole process. He has worked his tail off getting our house ready and I appreciate him very much.
Two and a half hours later it was finished and this was my view Thursday morning for the parade. We absolutely love it! It holds our new 60" TV (pre black Friday online sale-woohoo!) perfectly. As I've mentioned our living room is tricky but we've figured out what works best and we are loving it now.
And this was my view to my right. Owen within arms length and sister curled up on the couch with her Daddy. Daddy's girl to the max!
We kicked off our Thanksgiving day feast with a country breakfast and wearing your Indian headdress was a requirement :)
Thanksgiving day we celebrated with my Mom's family and we hosted Marcus's family and the Ross's Thanksgiving night. I have pictures of these events on my good camera I hope to get uploaded this week!
But for now I've got a few snapshots from my phone. This girl loves her ham and corn.
I'm so glad we got to spend Roman's first Thanksgiving with him. They were driving home from Georgia for Nathan's brother's military graduation and we insisted they stop and celebrate with us. Love this family!
The sweetest picture, she mesmerizes him :)
This weekend we had a holiday meal with some of Marcus's extended family at Grandmomma's house. We got to see our cousins and Marcus's uncle that we don't get to see very often so we always look forward to that. Georgia Grace sat at the kid table with her cousins Audrey and Maggie. Mags was our flower girl almost five years ago, her and GGH remind me a lot of each other! She had a big time playing with these two and her other cousin Charlee.
Over the holiday I had time to sort and organize some of baby boy's clothes. I must confess-I've had a good portion of these outfits for two years before we found out we were having a girl the first time. I know boys are harder to buy for so if I saw something for a boy I loved I gambled and bought it. I will have opposite gender babies and completely opposite seasons so it's basically like starting from scratch. But I'm up for the challenge and thankful for the differences.
Sunday we kicked off Christmas attire wearing season! And the continued season of doing everything but look at the camera for a picture. This was a consignment find from a year ago and it's so fun and festive. We wore it to preschool today too since we kept it clean (a Christmas miracle!).
Thanksgiving leftovers, nothing better. My girl loves pumpkin pie and we let her eat it right out of the pan.
And our big accomplishment this week was decking the halls for Christmas! Our house is still only about 75% furnished so I'm happy with the way it turned out our first year! Our greens for the mantle were too small and the lights were out on our tree but it's not about perfect. Sometimes simple is better :)
Hope your Thanksgiving was a special time for you and your family! Bump updates coming this week, I promise.

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