Monday, December 29, 2014

Pictures From The Holidays

I've very late posting these but I will eventually back date them so they will go in my 2014 blog book. I've found a new method for uploading my DSLR pictures using Eyefi that is much more convenient, I'll post more on that later.
First up-Thanksgiving. I pulled out my good camera sporadically so these are a little bit of everything
We had Thanksgiving at my Mom's. We are a small group since my Mom is an only child so we all get to eat together at the same table.
Thanksgiving night we hosted Marcus's family. This was our first time hosting a holiday, we both love hospitality so it was exciting for us! We had been in the house about a week so there was still a lot of boxes and projects going on.
We took a picture of everybody that came so we can remember our first Thanksgiving in our new house-
Shannon (Marcus's mom), Jake (brother-in-law), Shanna (sister-in-law)

Grandmomma & Granddad (Marcus's grandparents)

Meme (Marcus's Grandma)

Rachel, Ro-Ro and Nathan ("framily")

This picture makes me smile :)

The spread minus cold foods and desserts. Everybody brought certain things so we had all the staples and it was delicious!
This buffet table was given to us for free when we bought our table second hand so we put it to good use

A Harrison Thanksgiving
On to Christmas!
Georgia Grace putting on the one of two ornaments on the tree ha! She wasn't interested this year, we didn't push it.

I try to get an annual picture with her in front of the tree and this is the very best we could get. Still sweet!

Our 2014 Christmas tree. Most of our pre-lit lights went out this year so we will see if we keep pulling it out every season or breaking down and getting a new one.

Christmas Eve morning we celebrated Christmas at Grandmomma and Granddad's house. Her one and only request this year was an "orange babydoll" so Santa had Grandmomma to help him with the task. She received a red-headed cabbage patch doll with an orange dress and GGH received a matching dress (both homemade!). She really did the absolute best she could with such a request!

We opened stockings and she had to have a bite of her chocolate Santa right then and there

Porter Christmas
I like this picture of just a Christmas Eve scene.

Christmas Eve night we made cookies for Santa. She loves to bake and asked if everything we baked/cooked over Christmas break was for Santa ;)

Christmas Day! I just love this natural picture of my girl.

Playing with her new dollhouse from Santa

Writing on her new easel

Christmas at my Dad's
He gave her a basketball goal. Everyone is hopeful she will be a sports athlete but I think they are going to be disappointed ha! I see dance, music, cheer in her future. But who knows, we will support whatever she decides to do!

Playing in the princess castle Uncle Eric and Aunt Paige gave her.

Love that smile!
That's all! It feels good to have those uploaded and posted. Here's to staying caught up in 2015.

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  1. Omg there is so much, I just cant. That picture of yall in front of the tree is precious I am obsessed with your outfit! the one of her baking is too much and the natural one of Georgia Grace is beyond precious!!!