Monday, December 8, 2014

A Weekend of Christmas

I feel like I blinked and Christmas was upon us. This weekend it really hit me that we are right smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season and we better enjoy it before it's gone. We had a full weekend celebrating various things, here is a little recap:
Friday night we hosted our 1st annual aunts/uncles slumber party. They were our first overnight guests in the new house and we were really excited about the event. My husband made out an itinerary and sent it to everyone :) It was so much fun and GGH loved having four of her favorite people in her house. She was a very good girl and didn't fight bedtime like I feared she might.
Making Christmas candy was one of the events of the night. We made puppy chow, peanut butter balls and pralines. You better believe this girl was the biggest duck in the puddle.
The dress code was pajamas :) And Christmas candy calories don't count! Baby boy sure enjoyed all the yummy food.
Saturday morning the overnight guests checked out and we got ready for a jam packed day.
First stop was our friend Eliza's frozen birthday party. Georgia's day was officially made when Elsa showed up to the party. She was the youngest one at the party and all the older girls stood by Elsa to have their picture made but she insisted on sitting in her lap :) I thought it was so precious and I hope our trip to Santa will resemble this experience!
She had a great time and the sweet friends hugged before we left. They met at AKK preschool and have been buddies ever since! So glad Princess"Ziza" invited us to her party! 
Saturday afternoon was our town's Christmas parade. We attend every year and she enjoys Santa and the horses the most. It was cold so we cheated and watched from outside for a while then watched the rest from Grandmomma's window :)
Christmas parade 2013 and 2014. Same wholesome expression and cute slopey nose :)

Saturday night was the annual Christmas dinner for the BCBOE staff. It's at a different venue every year and this year it was at the Country Plantation House. Oh my word what a beautiful place! It's like an old Southern mansion with huge porches and columns. It was breathtaking.

The inside was just as fancy and impressive.

We had the place all to ourselves with a catered meal and a fun game.

Couldn't miss an opportunity to take a picture in front of the beautiful staircase. A colleague joked I should post and say "Christmas in our new home" HA! Not quite.

Sunday was the usual-church, Mamaw's for lunch and then a day at home wrapping gifts and naps for two other family members. I had to take a picture of these two dandies at church. They are the best of friends and he says he will marry her someday! Marriage talk already, I am so not ready for this.

And this is happening tonight. I have been sad about it because it's so hard to let go of some of her precious things but when we moved and realized she has SEVEN totes of baby things I declared it full out hoarding and decided to do a little purge. I've had so many people contact me about her clothes so I thought the most fair way to do it would to be a sale on Facebook so everyone has a fair chance. I'm not selling a lot, probably 25-30 pieces and I'm still holding on to my favorites in case we are blessed with another daughter. I hope I don't chicken out :)

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