Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas day just has a scarce amount of pictures (more on my big camera I will upload once my new cord arrives) because this girl was too busy for pictures anyway. We did do a lot of recording with our camcorder which will be our most treasured keepsake from the day I'm sure.

Christmas day started for us at 10:30am! She has never ever slept that late, how ironic that she does it on Christmas morning ha! We didn't want a grumpy girl so we just let her sleep and waited patiently. 

She loved her gifts and seeing the empty plate of cookies and going outside to see the reindeer ate all of the carrots. Santa even left her a letter this year about how proud he was that she hadn't had any potty accidents in a long time.

We spent all of Christmas day in our pajamas playing, eating and just being lazy. That's how I want our Christmases to be spent. The hustle and bustle of the season is great but I want the day to be a slow one so we can enjoy it.

Christmas night we went to Embry Christmas at our cousin Michael and Jan's. We are a big crew so it was so nice of them to host all of us. I barely saw GGH while we were there because she took off playing with the big girls. I've heard that she favors her cousin Delaney and I can see it! We had a great time seeing and visiting with everyone.

After that we went to my Dad's to celebrate Christmas with him. He gave her a basketball goal (and money) and she got a princess pop-up castle from Uncle Eric and Aunt Paige. I see a lot of playing in the future in here!

The day after Christmas we went to my Embry grandparents to open gifts from them. Georgia Grace is blessed with six living great-grandparents and I'm so thankful she gets to grow up with them. 

I went shopping on the 26th and the 27th for Christmas decor. Since we are on the Christmas Home Tour next year we needed some things for the new house and I thought hitting the stores when everything was 75% off would be a great way to get what I really want without spending a fortune. Sister girl went with me on the 27th and helped pick out things for her room tree (I found a 4' pre-lit tree for her for $10!!). We found a lot of odds and ends for the house and should have a good jump start for next year.

Something I am starting to do is frame every Santa picture and our family Christmas card each year to display during the season . I found this frame for $2.99 at Kohls, it's missing a bell but that's an easy fix. I thought it matched her outfit perfectly :)

She has so many ornaments she has been given over her three Christmases that her tree will be easy to fill and decorate. I love this one for this year. Christmas is coming down at our house and I'm usually sad about it but we have so much to look forward to in 2015 I'm excited for a fresh, new start. However, if she could stay this little forever I would be fine with that too :)

That's a wrap for Christmas 2014! It was our first Christmas in our new house and we enjoyed all of our space and watching Christmas movies by the fireplace. I will always remember this first Christmas for us in our new home! 

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  1. What a great Christmas! We are going to do the Santa and Christmas card display as well. We don't have a Santa pic from her first Christmas because she was only about 4 weeks old but I think it will be a great tradition!