Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's the Friday before Christmas so you know what this Friday post is going to be all about. We've had a fun week being festive and getting ready for the big event next week.
Something really exciting for me happened this week that I wanted to share. Before I ever started my own blog, I followed Kelly and she inspired me to start a virtual scrapbook for my family to have for years to come. She is so relatable and convicts me as a Christian often. She truly is a role model for me. When she asked her readers to submit their favorite Christmas cards for her December article in Celebrate Arkansas magazine I knew there would probably be hundreds and thousands of entries but I thought I would give it a shot.
I could not believe my eyes when I opened up her blog and saw our Christmas card featured in the article!! This little blurb went with the picture:
"A recent trend for people who have babies late in the year is to send a dual Christmas card/birth announcement. You save a lot of money on stamps that way! Kaitlin Harrison did this for her daughter, Georgia, and it remains one of her favorite cards."
You can access the full article and magazine here.
Wednesday I volunteered at the Toys For Tots Christmas Giveaway in our town. This was my first year being involved and what a blessing it was. Approximately 186 families were served and over 450 children will have presents under the tree Christmas morning. I'm so thankful for a generous community that takes care of the less fortunate.
I pinned this picture a LONG time ago because I thought it would be a super cute Christmas decoration for kids. We just put up one tree this year since we had just moved and really didn't know how we wanted to decorate trees in other rooms. I've decided on the theme for our playroom and these will match perfectly so I've bought supplies and Georgia Grace and I are going to get Christmas crafty this weekend.

I set a goal to have Christmas cards out by December 1st every year and that never happens (why do I set such a lofty goal?) but I did get them all mailed out this week so at least it's before the 25th :) My husband helped me address the envelopes which was a big time savor. So thankful for him.
Here is our 2014 Christmas card. This was Marcus's favorite and I love it too. And it's baby Jack's first appearance in a Christmas card!
And if for some reason you are lacking Christmas cheer, watch this. I promise you it will brighten your day. Is there anything better than being two at Christmastime?

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