Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa's Lap 2014

Tuesday afternoon we took our annual Christmas trip to Nashville to see Santa. This was a tradition we started Georgia's very first Christmas when she was just weeks old and I hope it's one we can continue for all our babies. Every year we go to the Santa at Bass Pro Shops in Opry Mills. He's free, it's an adorably cute Christmas setup and it's a good reason to visit my favorite city :)
Dressed in her Sunday best standing in line for Santa!
I have been asked by several (including Santa) about her outfit. Her skirt is Healthtex brand from Walmart (found on eBay), her Mary Janes are from Payless (sold out) and her bonnet is a beaufort bonnet. I'm so sad she will be aging out of them soon so we are wearing it as much as we can now.
The line to see Santa is typically very long and crazy which is why we decided to go through the week. We only waited about 20-30 minutes and she enjoyed seeing other children go first.
Then it was her turn and...
she LOVED him! She plopped right down and said "orange baby dolls" first thing without him even asking her :) He complimented her attire and how pretty she was. He asked her how old she was which she promptly replied, "two".
Kisses then ensued which is when I melted into a puddle. It couldn't have gone any better!
And just for my sentimental mommy gene here she is her very first Christmas sleeping away.
And her second Christmas screaming...
And her third Christmas smiling! We've covered all the emotions in three Christmases :)

Since she was so good we decided to give her an early Christmas treat and take her to Build A Bear.

Overwhelmed by all the possibilities!

She naturally migrated to the sparkly Frozen section but Daddy steered her to the teddy bears and she found one that she liked.
She stuffed her, fluffed her, picked out some Christmas jammies and then took her to the counter so we could take her home. I don't think she fully understood all of it but she had a good time and took her new teddy for show and tell this morning at preschool to show her friends.

A happy girl with her new teddy!

Next year our Santa picture will look so much different with Jack on Santa's other knee. It's hard to believe this is her last Santa picture with just her in it but we can't wait to give her a little brother to play with and love. I think my heart will bust wide open next year seeing both my babies on his lap. I love my Christmas blessings!

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