Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year In Review

Since I started this blog in 2012 I have always ended the year with a year recap post (Here is 2012 and 2013). It's my favorite post of the year. I love looking back on the year and remembering all the fun things we did and seeing how much Georgia (and myself!) has grown.

We took a trip to Jackson Hole, WY right after Christmas (one of my favorite places to vacation!) for my Dad's 50th birthday and came home on New Year's Eve, Georgia had tubes put in her ears and a nursery makeover to make room for her Christmas gifts, we saw lots of snow and baby girl turned 15 months. 

February was a fun month with a trip to Rupp to watch our Cats and Perfect North for some more skiing, we had more snow, celebrated Valentine's Day and the highlight was sponsoring our Compassion Child, Fitsum! Instead of Valentine gifts to each other we decided to give a different sort of gift. He has been a blessing and we look forward to hearing from him so much! His picture is on our fridge and GGH knows all about him :)

The snow continued into March and we ended up with one of the snowiest winters I can remember. We remodeled our bathroom in our starter home and made the decision that we had officially outgrown our home and made plans to put it on the market in the spring. We also honored Georgia Grace at church on baby dedication day.

April was big! I turned 27 and celebrated with a trip to Keeneland and then the National Championship game fell on my actual birthday and we lost-bummer! Our friends James and Ashley threw me a little birthday/game watching party at their house so I felt special despite the game outcome :) I was awarded the Young Dietitian of the Year award for the state of Kentucky, we celebrated Easter (little did I know that next Easter I would be due with our son!) and our best friends had their first baby, Roman Henry Ross!

May equaled the Derby (our cousin Marley had her birthday party on Derby day and this picture turned out perfect for the event!), Sesame Street Live, my second Mother's Day, our fourth wedding anniversary (we took Georgia Grace to the zoo for the first time), she turned 18 months and we sold our house! Another busy month in true Harrison fashion.

We kicked off June with a trip to the gulf coast, Marcus celebrated his second father's day, we went to the lake and I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding. We started summer on the right foot! We also moved in with my Dad this month as we prepared for building a house. Little did we know that God had a different plan in store for us.

July was a hot one. We celebrated the Fourth at our county fair, I co-hosted a MyPlate grocery tour, we went to a outdoor movie night at a local dairy barn to see Frozen and we were asked to be in our cousin Payton's wedding next June. Marcus turned 26 and we celebrated it in August.
And our biggest accomplishment of the month was potty training! She was potty trained (#1 business) at 20 months old. She still wears a diaper at night but wears panties the rest of the time and has mastered #2 business now. We are SO proud of how quick she learned the skill and promise not to use her as our measuring stick for our other children :) We understand she's really early!

August-the biggest thing to happen this month was I took a new job as the Nutrition Director for our local school system. This was a hard decision for me because I LOVED my job but I knew this was a one time opportunity and it was the right job for myself and my family. Marcus started his fifth year of teaching (tenured-yay!), we celebrated his birthday and my new job with a trip to Memphis, we saw Carrie Underwood at the Grand Old Opry and visited the State Capitol for some new job training. Lots of travel and change!

I'm sure other things happened this month but this surpasses them all immensely. We announced that baby number two was on the way!

Octobers seems to always be the biggest month for us and this year we stayed with tradition. We bought a house in the middle of September and closed the first of October. When we found out our family was growing we decided buying was the best option for us. This house was a God send and His hand was evident in every step. We took a trip to Lexington for some SEC football. We threw Georgia Grace's 2nd birthday party on one of the prettiest fall days I can remember. We found out it will be BLUE this time :) And our baby girl turned two years old on the 30th. Jam packed full of blessings! Oh, and we boarded a plan on Halloween day for a quick trip to the beach :)

This girl still got to dress up for her Halloween party at AKK. She was Anna of course and her costume is homemade by Grandmomma. It's one of a kind and beautiful!

November we were back to the coast for our friends James and Ashley's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and Georgia Grace was a flower girl. It was a beautiful beach wedding and a nice little vacay for the family. GGH officially became a preschooler at AKK and we celebrated my mom's 50th with a birthday bash!

We also had our first snow at our new house in November. As I mentioned we bought our house in October but wanted to do a little updating so we didn't move in until the middle of November, a week before Thanksgiving (and we hosted Marcus's family for the first time for the holiday!). It also marked the 20 week-halfway mark of my pregnancy.

Oh December how much joy you bring! We met Elsa at our friend Eliza's birthday party, we hosted our first annual aunts/uncles holiday slumber party, I bit the bullet and sold a few of GGH's outfits, we gave our son a strong, southern name and Christmas!! She LOVED Santa this year, all three times we saw him ha! She received lots of wonderful gifts from family and friends to fill up her new playroom and learned about baby Jesus through our nightly reading of the real Christmas story. 

If you would have told me back in January that we would have a new house, I would have a new job and we would have a son on the way I doubt I would have believed you. What a blessed 2014 it has been for us and the blessings continue into 2015 as we anxiously await adding Jack to our family.

Happy New Years everyone! Thanks for reading and thanks for all the prayers and encouragement this past year with all of our big life events. 

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