Monday, January 5, 2015

The Start Of A New Year

Happy 2015!
I'm resolving to do a better job of blogging like I did in 2012 and 2013. Since we are settled in our new house and I'm semi-adjusted to my new job I should have more time to devote to it. However, the best possible distraction is due to enter this world in the spring so this resolution could very well go out the window. And that would be just fine too :)
I haven't made any true resolutions but I've set deadlines so to speak. I would like to concentrate on one room of our new house and get it completely finished each month (obviously taking a break once Jack arrives). I would like to get Jack's nursery completely ready by March so we aren't rushing at the end.
This girl is just resolving to get sweeter and sweeter each day :) So far so true! We have had the best Christmas break sleeping in, staying in our jammies, cooking and baking, and really just doing whatever we feel like.
She has been my #1 shopping buddy. Instead of staying up late on New Years Eve and sleeping all New Years Day we got up early and went shopping instead! We found some odds and ends for the house and some things for Jack. "Chick-a-flay" was her lunch of choice.
My relaxing, therapeutic bathtime is rarely spent alone. As you can see both my babies are within arms length.
We spent a lot of quality time with Daddy too. She loves to cook for us and serve us "supper". She has the early signs of being very domestic with her love for the kitchen and babies.
We went out to eat a few times. This girl's appetite has increased so much here recently. She has gained 1 1/2 pounds in 2 months! That's big for her and I'm a happy mommy especially when we have to order her two portions of steamed broccoli!

In other exciting news we went to visit our newest friend, Landry Faith! She wasn't due until January but decided she wanted to be a December baby instead (I called it!). She is just perfect! We were anxious to see GGH around a newborn and she was so good with her.

I know I'm biased but it doesn't get any more precious than these three kiddos.

GGH had to split her time between the brother and sister (actually Ace got more time ha!). She learned how to do a pushup and use nunchucks, two things I'm sure she had never heard of before. But her girl world is all getting ready to change so this is good for her :)

Saturday we took a trip to Ikea but that probably deserves a post all in itself. Let's just say it was a long trip but it was a lot of fun and we both said it was a great day!

I'll end with this snapshot of my sweet sugarpie. Santa brought her bath crayons because he knows what a little blooming artist she is. She was a prune by the time her masterpiece was finished :)

Here's to a new year full of lots of things to be excited about. Bring it 2015!

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