Thursday, January 29, 2015


I do believe we may have the funniest child alive. Everyday she says or does something that is soooo funny. I know I will forget these sweet quotes someday so I want to be sure to "write them down" for memories sake.
Georgiaisms- 2 1/4 years old
  • When someone "breaks wind" she calls it "passing gases".
  • When Granddad was sick back around Christmas we talked to her about why she couldn't go see him and her reply was, "Granddad needs a shot from Dr. Lee (her pediatrician)"
  • We watched a Frozen parade on TV over Christmas and when Anna and Elsa waved at the camera she said, "They're waving at Georgia" :)
  • When we put shoes or socks on: "Take it on"
  • Shortly after Christmas I was making biscuits (I must add they were homemade biscuits! I just learned how.) and she said, "Are those for Santa?"
  • Georgia: "Is there Frozen in this TV? Is there Elf in this TV?", Daddy: "Nope, just a ballgame" :)
  • "Tinkle tinkle little star"
  • One day she was rocking and singing her babies to sleep and she created her own nursery rhyme that went like this: "Go to sleep sweetest baby in town on the tree top Daddy's ready to go hunting" LOL!
  • This is maybe my favorite one right now- shampoo is "shamy-poo"
  • At preschool last week my mother-in-law told Georgia "You ate everything but your pretzels, eat them and you can get a clean plate stamp". She said, "No chips are nasty Mommy said". Shannon said, "Well they are pretzels, not chips". She said ok and ate them ha! I don't remember the quote that I supposedly said but sounds good to me :)
  • Her favorite word right now is nasty. If we're eating something she doesn't want, it's nasty ("carrots are nasty"). If we're doing something she doesn't want to do, it's nasty ("bedtime is nasty"). If we're going somewhere she doesn't want to go, it's nasty ("Georgia's house is nasty"). It's hilarious and we try not to let her catch us laughing.
  • Monday before she went to sleep for naptime she told my mother-in-law, "Good nap, then orange pop pop with Grandmomma. Tonight Ma, when friends leave Morgan and Paige coming over to cook and play babies and open presents then eat supper. Then go home, see Owen and take bath, wash up, get out, get wrapped in towel, get clothes on, read story, say prayers and go night night". This was her exact day, nothing was out of order! She loves routine so much, she's a girl after my own heart :)
Ten weeks of just us and Georgia Grace before we become a family of three. I don't want to miss one bedtime, play "supper" or prayer while I'm still a mommy of one. I'm so thankful for this sweet, perfect child.

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