Monday, January 26, 2015

Week & Weekend Wrapup

Tuesday night we went to Rupp for the Kentucky/Vandy game. This was part of our Christmas present from my Dad. It was a fun and late night, we didn't get home until 12:30! It was a tight game but we won which made us 18-0. Go Big Blue!

Since we were going to be out so late GGH stayed the night at Grandmomma's house. She was super pumped about packing a suitcase! She packed her pj's, panties, toothbrush, hairbrush, Little Mommy book (we have to read it at least once every night) and that's all she needed (Mommy packed her an outfit). She doesn't stay away from us overnight often so it's a treat when she does!
We did lots of playing in the playroom this week. This is definitely her favorite room in the house. We are finished with this room except one more storage piece we need from Ikea, hopefully we will make a trip to get it in a week or two. I'm anxious to have some rooms completely finished!
Several people have asked me if Georgia Grace is excited about getting a baby brother and up until a month ago my answer would have been not so much. However, her attitude towards another baby in our house has changed and she is all about Jack now! She wants to "pet" my belly all the time and she loves to sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" and add Jack's name. They sent me this picture last week from preschool with the caption:
The sweetest thing ever!!!!
GGH said, "Ma, ma! Want to go to the hospital with me to get baby Jack? I said, "Sure"! She said, "Here he is Ma, my baby Jack!"
My heart could have exploded after receiving that. She's going to be the best big sister!
Friday they were calling for a "slight chance" of a "light dusting" of snow so we dressed for the weather prediction. Little did we know that the light dusting would result in this...
By Saturday morning we had 4 inches of snow! And it was such a beautiful snow, it coated all the trees and everything looked like a winter wonderland. It was our first real snow in our new house so I had to document it.
I have the waterlogue app that can turn pictures into watercolors and it was perfect for our wintry scene. Maybe I will use it on stationery or have it framed.

Views from our front porch
We didn't just take pictures of the snow but we played in it too. I appreciate the ones of you who cautioned me on social media about being careful in the snow :) I was extra careful, wore my Bean boots and did not venture from the yard so it was fun for all!
This one cracks me up with both of them in it. I tried to get one of them hugged up together but neither had time for that.
Georgia Grace had fun but this guy stole the show. A blanket of fresh snow is his favorite kind of weather!

Does it get any cuter people?!?
And this one is my absolute favorite. I used my Canon 40D and my Eyefi app so it was easier to capture fun action shots. This defines how he feels about snow. His veterinarian reposted it on Facebook and many suggested I submit it to a magazine. Our O dog is loved by so many :)
The snow was almost all melted by Saturday night so I'm glad we enjoyed it while it lasted. Besides church and our cousin Brennan's birthday party we just hung out at home and enjoyed our winter wonderland. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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