Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time For Home

We had a good end of the week and weekend with four out of five days at home. We have a snow day and MLK to thank for that! It was a wonderful mini break.
I have become kind of a slacker on taking pictures these days but I did happen to snap a few over the past few days.
Georgia Grace loves nothing more than for her to serve us "supper" in her playroom. She has a domestic turn no doubt. She loves playing in her kitchen, playing with babies and pretending to clean (mainly vacuuming). I use to sit at the little kitchen table with her but I have graduated to the loveseat we have in the playroom ha! I'm too big for that table right now.
Saturday GGH and I went shopping with my mom and mamaw. I took some of Marcus's clothes to a consignment store and then we did some consignment shopping for the kids. One of my favorite shops, Little Lulu's, had their winter clothes marked down 50%. Baby boy racked up!
It ended up being anything long sleeve was 50% off. I bought this spring/Easter gown for $1.50! He may or may not be here for Easter but we can still wear it through the spring.

She crashed on our way home and I moved her to the couch where she slept another hour.

Saturday night I had my first craving that required dropping everything and going to the store to get it. That never happened when I was pregnant with Georgia. Marcus went and bought the ingredients and my sister Paige who was over visiting made me rice krispie treats. They were perfect! I ate half the pan.

Monday my free insurance-covered breast pump arrived! I still have mine from Georgia but I used it so much I'm sure it's on its last leg. I'm glad insurance companies have come on board with encouraging moms to breastfeed.

And a spring like day in January is meant for playing outside in the new playhouse and crossing house projects off the list. We're almost finished with our big girl's nursery, playroom and kitchen! Grandmomma made her curtains (they are actually this duvet cover from Ikea) and is currently making a piece in the middle between the two drapes. I love them! More pictures of the rooms to come.

We're headed to Lexington tonight for the UK game and baby girl is staying overnight with Grandmomma. She was so excited to pack a suitcase last night. She doesn't stay overnight away from us very much at all so it's a big deal when she does. I hope we both have fun nights and that I can wake up in the morning after getting in at 1 am!


  1. My mom craved Rice Krispie treats when she was pregnant with me! To this day, I love anything with marshmallows in it! Hope y'all have fun tonight!

    1. That's so cool! Great minds think alike :) We had a blast and got that W!