Monday, January 12, 2015


With the new year upon us, we are busy bees getting things ready for our spring baby. He is due exactly three months from today and we were so much farther on the nursery, wardrobe, etc. with Georgia Grace. The good news is with your second child, even though it's different genders and seasons for us, you still have a head start on some baby gear and accessories so our list of things we need isn't quite as long (it's still plenty long though!).
This weekend we made Jack's need list, assembled some pieces for our playroom and designed the layout for the nursery. Still no final decision on wall treatment and some pieces of furniture but we're getting there. 
Friday night Georgia Grace went to the high school basketball game with my cousin Payton while we stayed home and worked on these. It was nice to cross some things off the to-do list. I can' t wait to get the other piece to go with these and finish our playroom storage!
This week we also celebrated my Dad's birthday by having dinner and cake for him at our house and watching the UK game. Sadly the next two days our friend Sophie, myself, my Dad and my brother-in-law all came down with the stomach virus (round two for me). It was only 24 hours this time so I wasn't down long but yuck it was miserable. I want to live in a bubble until April!!

In more baby news, Jacks' bedding came in this week! We wanted soft, muted colors (baby blue, whites, neutrals) with texture and when I saw this I knew it was the one. We bought it from Restoration Hardware when they ran their big baby sale last week. No crib to put it in yet but it sure looks pretty laying in the box in his nursery :) 

This weekend we did very little but we did manage to leave the house Saturday to go to my Mom's to watch the Kentucky game. Sister girl decided Daddy needed his hair dried too so the roles reversed. And I love how Jack snuck into this picture :)

The rest of the weekend we spent a lot of time in the playroom with these two. Wherever we are in the house Owen is with us and in the middle of the action! We did manage to get out and go to church and lunch on Sunday but the rest of the time we were just happy homebodies.

And I wanted to share two videos of our singing star doing her thing! She LOVES loves to sing. My favorite part of the ABC's is the "Q" and she knows Hush Little Baby better than me! Be still my heart.

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