Monday, December 15, 2014

Jack Porter Harrison

Naming our son turned out to be a harder task than we had thought. We always thought we would just use the boy name we had picked out for Georgia Grace but it just didn't feel right this time around. We decided after we found out the gender to give it some time and let it sink in before naming him. We were also in the middle of moving and raising a two year old so the poor second child is already getting the second child treatment ha!
Last week we finalized his name-
His name will be Jack Porter Harrison. I just love it so much. We wanted a strong, southern (and short to go with Harrison) name and we loved how it sounded paired with his sister, "Georgia and Jack"! He definitely feels like a Jack to me. And a BIG thank you to Grandmomma for whipping this stocking up for us in one afternoon! I told her the idea I had, she went and got fabric that night and the next day it was done. And perfect!
His middle name is in memory of my last papaw Denzel Porter. He passed away in September of 2012, one month shy of Georgia Grace's birthday. I posted a tribute to him here. I really wanted to pay tribute to him in this way since he did not get to meet his great-grandchildren and was such a big part in mine and Marcus's lives. I hope our Jack Porter is as hardworking and loving as the Porter he is named for. I'm proud to carry on the family name through our son. 
And when looking through pictures of my papaw I came across this. I can't believe they (my papaw, mom and mamaw) had a personalized photo Christmas card back in the late 60's! What great style they had. (And the Santa on the coffee table is still around and displayed every season!)
Just 16 weeks until Jack is set to make his big debut into this world. I've bought up diapers when I found them on sale so we are well stocked and his wardrobe is growing too. After Christmas I will focus on his nursery theme and furniture. I have ideas but nothing set in stone yet. His room is a big blank slate and I can't wait to add personal touches. The countdown is on!


  1. Love the name and the significance to your family! What an adorable stocking!

    1. Thanks so much Carol! It makes me so happy to give him this name. Isn't it awesome?!? She is so talented.