Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Early Christmases

Dropping in to do a quick post on our current events so my post Christmas post isn't a mile long. We've had a lot of fun this year experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a two year old. I underestimated how much about the season she would understand this year. She gets the concept of Santa, she knows it's Jesus's birthday and chooses to read The Nativity Story as her bedtime story every night and knows to be grateful for the gifts she receives. How did we ever get so lucky to be her parents?

Friday was the last day of school (for all of us!) until January and it was the AKK Preschool Christmas party day. I thought she looked extra festive for the occasion!
I had an ugly sweater [if you're reading this mamaw it really just means wear festive Christmas attire :)] party as well so my mother-in-law snapped this of both party girls. Parents were invited to the pre-party to see their nativity wall and the other Christmas crafts they had worked hard on. A lot of the crafts involved painting their hands and feet and hers were the smallest. They were so sweet!

The full choir of angels on the nativity wall.
Saturday we had reservations for breakfast with Santa at Chaney's Dairy Barn. My friend Abby told me about the event so we reserved our day and time the same as theirs so Georgia and Ace could see each other.
Santa's Lap #2 was another success! Let me also add that I was the only mom that dressed their child in pajamas ha! I guess I missed the dress memo but oh well. I thought she looked cute and I've always thought a pajama picture with Santa would be fun!
These two had the best time being together. Ace's baby sister is due any day now and we are so excited to add Landry to the mix. Next year this crew will grow from two to four!
I hope we can make this an annual tradition.
Saturday night we celebrated Christmas early with my in-laws. Our Christmases are more spaced out this year to allow us to get to spend time with all our families.
The least of us had the biggest gift of all hiding under a sheet. Wonder what it could be??
A new house!
It was love at first sight! Her Pa built this for her and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. After he put it together he decided it needed some accessories so he ran to the store on Saturday and bought the big red bow and the white poinsettias to go in the window sills. Love his attention to detail!
It was hilarious seeing all us adults crawl in and out of the house. The door opening is not very wide and I will admit a few of us struggled ha! Her Ma even got claustrophic and had to climb out of a window :)
It was a really fun night eating a non-traditional meal, giving gifts and just being with family. They are for sure a blessing to us!
Oh and a tradition is everyone gets a new pair of pajamas. GGH got a sock monkey gown and Aunt Shanna got a polka dot reindeer onesie. Georgia said, "I'm riding a reindeer!" HA! Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna gave her her own "ipad" (a kindle) so she can watch Peppa Pig and all her videos she loves-5 little monkeys, Old MacDonald and such. 
Sunday was Church and Harrison Christmas with Marcus's Meme. We attempted pictures before church but we had an uncooperative two year old and this was the best we got that night. At least we both have our eyes open!
Santa showed up at the Harrison Christmas! What a treat that was for the two great-granddaughters.
Santa's Lap #3-she is a pro by now! And she is definitely on the good list this year.
Meme with all her grandkids. Six granddaughters and Marcus, the lone grandson. We are so thankful for Jack since he will carry on the Harrison name. It's unusual everyone can be together at the same time with everyone's schedule but this year all the grandkids could make it and it was great!
Our section of the Harrison family

And now it's Christmas Eve Eve and we are anxiously anticipating a visit from Santa, celebrating with the rest of our family and remembering and teaching Georgia Grace about the birth of our savior. Merry Christmas to everyone! See you after the holiday!

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