Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weeks In Review

Today I'm doing a little recap of the day to day things we have been doing over the past few weeks.
 We moved 90% of our stuff this weekend (THANK YOU to our "framily" that helped us! You are invaluable!) and now we are waiting for our mattresses to be delivered and getting everything into its place. If the mattresses aren't delivered by Friday we are just going to sleep on an air mattress! We are ready :)
In other news, Georgia Grace officially became an Aunt Kay's Kids preschooler last week! After her second birthday she could officially enroll so now we have a big preschooler in our house. She comes home singing songs about Thanksgiving, telling us the colors and naming all her friends. She loves her days at AKK and I'm so thankful she is there.
Owen photobomb ;) This is about how close he stays to one of us at all times when we are home. He loves his people and we love him!
They have started their Thanksgiving unit at AKK this week and every child was asked "If I were a passenger on the Mayflower I would take"...

Age 2:
Georgia- Uncle Jake

That lucky ol' Uncle Jake! There were some funny ones as always-iPads, dinosaurs, broccoli! Those kiddos are a hoot.
Last Saturday was a house errand day. We still have so many things we need to purchase so we tried to tackle a lot of that. She was such a good girl going in store after store filled with things that didn't really interest her. She kept us entertained regardless :)
Her treat was Chic-fil-a for lunch. Right before I took this picture she said "I gotta dip it" and we were eating at "Chic-a-flay"!
My husband is a 4th grade math/science teacher and last Friday a group of high schoolers came to his school to perform a magic show. He was nominated by the students to have his hand set on fire and a student got a great picture of it! He said he didn't feel a thing and the kids went wild.

Saturday we had family pictures made. We had them scheduled for the end of October but we were rained out and had to reschedule. Since it was later in the year and the fall foliage is mostly gone we changed gears completely and did more of a winter/Christmas theme. And unfortunately it felt like winter that day! It has turned super cold here and it was barely above freezing when we took our pictures. She was a trooper! And I'll admit there was some bribing for smarties that went on. I'm not above that :) I can't wait to see them!
When we got home and settled in I (and hello baby boy!) started cooking supper. She really wanted to watch me so I set her on a barstool and she watched every move I made. This will probably be one of the last meals I cook at my Dad's house before we move so it is a sweet memory for me.
Saturday was also moving day and I failed to take any pictures of the action since I was mostly inside cleaning and boxing things up. We used Nathan's covered trailer to haul everything and that was a huge help! We moved almost everything in about half a day thanks to lots of helpers and the fact we kept a lot of things boxed up from the old house.
This picture makes me all kinds of happy because I have never had a place to store serving pieces. At our old house this stuff lived on the top of our clothes dryer or shoved in the back of a cabinet making it almost impossible to get to. They now live in extra cabinets in my laundry/mudroom. So thankful for space!
This girl didn't miss out on the moving fun. She helped clean her vanity mirror with Ma amongst several other things. Some productive, some not so much :) She loves her new room and playroom! It's going to be a fun weekend staying in our new house permanently!
And Sunday night we went to bed like normal and Monday we woke up to a....
snow day!! This was my first snow day as an adult and I felt like a kid at Christmas. My boss allowed me to work on my school menus from home so I got to enjoy the day at home with my family. It was such a treat and my friend put this on my FB post and I think it makes perfect sense: "snow days are God's way of smiling down on pregnant mamas!" I love it.
That really set our week off on the right foot and help counter the early entrance of winter we are experiencing. Stay warm friends!


  1. That picture of you cooking, her watching and little boy making his self known is absolutely Precious! Priceless!

    1. Thanks Ashley! <3 It will be one I hold dearly!