Thursday, November 13, 2014

24 Months

Keeping with tradition I'm doing a three month "check-up" post on our Georgia Grace to showcase what a sweet little girl we have! I was looking back at my 1 3/4 post and we have seen LOTS of changes over the past three months. The most monumental being switching from building a house to buying. When I wrote the last check-up post we already knew baby #2 was on the way so we prayed about it and decided buying a home would be the best option for us. And then the house we bought kind of just fell in our laps and we saw God's hand in the process.
Besides the house, we have seen our toddler baby change in lots of ways too. Here are some of the highlights from the past three months:
Georgia, you are now 24 months old making you a big 2 year old and officially ending the need to give your age in months :) This all happened way faster than your Mommy or Daddy cared for but nonetheless we have a healthy, happy daughter so no complaints here.

  • At your two year check-up on Monday you weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds (5th percentile) and are 34 inches in stature (50th percentile). If it's true that your adult height is double your height as a 2 year old you will be 5'8 which is pretty tall for a girl! As far as your weight your pediatrician said he would be happy if you had gained more but he wasn't unhappy. You are a skinny mini and probably always will be. One day you will enjoy your metabolism, right now it's just worrisome for your momma ha!
  • You wear 18-24 month clothing comfortably, some size 2's will fit you also. You wear a size 6/7 shoe and size 2T panties.
  • You are potty trained and have been since you were about 20 months! You still wear a diaper to bed because we haven't perfected night training but the rest of the time you do a good job. We are proud of you for this!
  •  You have always been a great nighttime sleeper (9-10pm to 7am is your normal) but naptime has been hard for you. You don't require as much sleep as some kids so the routine of napping isn't your favorite thing. But just this week you have really turned into a good napper and value your extra sleep.
  • You continue to be a big talker. You have a strong gene pull for that so we never doubted you :) Your exposure to preschoolers at AKK has really helped you to meet milestones early and develop a big vocabulary. Your favorite things to say right now are to call my mom's cat Peanut a "cotton-headed ninny muggins" (Elf is right behind Frozen in popularity for you right now), give your order at restaurants and to boss Owen.
  • You love to sing. You can sing your ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a few nursery rhymes. You know them by word!
  • Your obsession with Frozen continues but you have broadened your interests. You like to watch Charlie Brown in the car so this week we changed from It's the Great Pumpkin to the Thanksgiving special. You also like Mickey and Minnie, baby dolls and Peppa the Pig.
  • Your favorite color is orange.
  • For Christmas you have asked for "orange baby dolls".
  • You love to write. We have to remind you often that we just write on paper!
  • You aren't a picky eater but it doesn't take very much to fill you up. Two or three bites and you're on to the next thing unless we lasso you in your chair. Your favorite things right now are milk, apple juice, cheese and crackers, string cheese, and ice cream/popsicles. What a variety!
(Veteran's Day 2014)
  • You are officially a preschool in AKK's preschool program! You love going and some mornings that's the only thing that will motivate you to get up and go is to "go see friends". You take a show and tell everyday to show the group and you participate in all the activities that they do. For instance the other day everyone had to say their full name before they could go down stairs and you proudly said, "Georgia Gwace Hairson" :) And my favorite show and tell to date was from last week. You grabbed Aunt Shannie's phone, scrolled through the pictures and said "Kids, this is Uncle Jake's deer" and then you scrolled to another picture and said "it's bleeding kids" HA!
  • You still aren't a big TV watcher. You are just too busy for that.
  • You aren't a fan of mornings and you hate to brush your teeth. It's a battle we fight everyday. You will thank me for making you brush them one day :)

I love you so much Georgia Grace!

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