Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Reading

I like to read and I have found more time this summer to read than usual. I guess I'm thinking I better get it all in now because the chances of me being able to sit down and read a book in about 3 months are slim to none!

My every day (well most days) read is my bible. My sister got me this bible before we got married. It is specific to couples in that it provides life lessons and testimonies throughout that are specific to the passage. I was able to read it all the way through in 2011 and I hope to do the same this year. Last year I followed a plan from Read The Bible For Life that puts the bible in chronological order and this year I decided to just read it straight through. I can't tell you the impact this little intervention has had on my christian walk. I feel so much closer to my heavenly father and more of a sense of clarity of The Word and how to apply it to my life.

This book was also given to me by my sister. She gave it to me right after I found out I was expecting. I highly recommend this book to any mother-young, old, new, experienced. I plan on reading it a second time before Georgia gets here. It is a definite must read!

This book I borrowed from a friend because she just raved over how good it was. I have always been intrigued by the Duggar family and this book made me like them even more. Do I agree with everything they do? No. However, this book gave me more of an understanding behind their philosophies and I gained respect for the lifestyle that they live. Debt free with 18 kids-who am I to judge ha!

I have just started a new book another friend gave me, it's all about breastfeeding! Not the most entertaining but very informative. Ahh the stages in life we go through :)

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