Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Tuesday I became another year older yet wiser. These birthdays seem to roll around quicker and quicker each year!

It was a simple day spent at home with my little family. My birthday nearly always falls on Spring Break and we have taken trips in the past but this year of course we knew we had to stay close to home. I enjoyed spending these final days before Jack arrives filled with one-on-one time with Georgia Grace. I put this girl up against anyone on how fast she can destroy a room. She has always played very hard.

The weather has been warm and everything is beautifully in bloom which gave me a little touch of beach fever. I saw this in the store on Monday and decided to give it a try. It was actually a pretty close comparison to a pina colada and I had a little afternoon escape :)

That night we went out to eat at a hibachi grill to celebrate. We took GGH to one on vacation when she was 7 months old so she has no memory of it. She absolutely loved it! She would clap everytime they did something new. She loved the soup and rice the most.

My dear husband took and posted this picture with the caption, "Mommy is how old?". He loves to remind everyone each year on my birthday that he's younger. #cradlerobber

April turns out to be a great birthday month because two of my favorite brands are releasing products this month that I plan to spend my birthday money on. Lilly for Target has me all kinds of happy! I've already picked apart the look book and have my wish list made, including a few things for Georgia Grace. I hope the release doesn't crash the internet because I will definitely be shopping online.

The other product releasing this month that I really want is the Emily Ley baby book. I started following her on IG a year or so ago and fell in love with her products. When she had her twin babies in January and announced she was designing a baby book I decided to hold out for this one that releases April 15th. So excited! And you know you're a mom when part of your birthday money is spent on something for your children :)

Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes in all their forms and fashion. I'm grateful for 28 years and the new life I'm growing that will be here any day now!

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