Saturday, April 25, 2015

Newborn Days

It's been two weeks since we welcomed Jack into our family and we're slowly getting into a rhythm around here. Not every moment or day is easy but I know each rough patch is just a season and I will someday sleep longer than four hours at a time, develop a pumping schedule around naps and nursing, and learn how to perfect the swaddle :) You would think after two kids I would have that one down by now.
I'm enjoying my days at home so much. I have my daily chores that I do but I make sure they don't consume me and I get to cherish this time. I caught him in the middle of a sneeze one day. That's when you know your mommy takes lots of pictures :)

And just a shout out to whoever designed the side zip infant gown-thank you! I love gowns on newborns, especially until they lose their umbilical cord and this is so much easier than the tight elastic band bottom. 

Georgia Grace loves preschool and has requested to keep going while I'm home with the baby. We let her choose what she wanted to do so she doesn't feel like we're making her do anything she doesn't want to do. I'm hoping once Jack isn't so needy she will be ready to stay home with us this summer :)
Owen stays right by my side through the day. He helped me organize Georgia's clothes one afternoon so she will be ready for the warm days that are upon us. And Jack helped too if you can spot him :)

A mamaroo would be nice but our hand me down lamb cradle swing does the trick. We did purchase some new equipment like a carseat and bouncy seat since we wore Georgia's out but we are trying to reuse what we can. The joys of being a second child!
We really think a music career could be in her future. She loves to sing and can learn songs so quickly. And she has the sweetest little voice!

Yesterday Marcus purchased his very first lawnmower and gave it a trial run. He was a happy man. I hope his excitement for mowing 2+ acres carries on the whole season. 

It's birthday party season for this girl! She was invited to three yesterday but of course we couldn't make all of them so Daddy took her to her best bud Roman's first pow wow. She loves a good birthday party as much as anyone.
I stayed at home with Jack and Rachel sent me the video of Roman and his smash cake and you can hear Georgia in the background saying "Messy!" and "Wipe it off" ha! She's all girl.
Jack's nursery has an extra special touch thanks to his Aunt Paula who made this beautiful wreath to use at the hospital. I'm going to display until I need the diapers, it's just so cute!

It's been a fun second week at home. This coming week looks like we will have lots of sunshine and some more 70 degree days. I'm trying to decide which double stroller to get because strolling days are here. Happy Sunday!

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