Monday, April 13, 2015

Jack's First Days

First, thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers and comments for Jack. We are so proud of him and wish everyone could "meet" him. Be prepared for thousands of baby pictures in the coming weeks. :) 

In order to keep my blogging simple and document Jack's story efficiently, I'm going to blog the pictures and captions I've posted to social media. I hope to download the pictures from my Canon these weekend so these are just iPhone pictures taken on his journey. These are some of memories captured that you never want to forget.

The Story of Jack
This girl is going to become a sister TODAY! I went into labor early this morning. We covet your prayers for a safe delivery for baby Jack! God is so good!!

Last bump picture-40 weeks! He's punctual and coming on his due date #waitingonjack

Almost go time! 9 cm, 100%. We will be meeting our boy very soon! #waitingonjack
Introducing Jack Porter Harrison. He was born at 1:28 pm on his April 12th due date weighing 8 pounds 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. He's the squishiest perfect baby and we love him so much already!

He entered the world starving and has been ever since :)

Still in disbelief he is ours. He is a perfect gift from God! Thanks to everyone for the prayers and sweet words yesterday. We are all doing great and just enjoying our new baby love. 
He is 9 pounds of perfection! He came home in size 1 diapers, he's our future linebacker. And this was probably the only time he was in his bassinet the whole time.
Big sister Georgia. She was listening to the lullaby letting everyone know he was here. She went into ultimate sister mode and said "Jack's here everybody, let's go get him" She has been nothing but wonderful in her new role!

Our Jack
1. He looks like his daddy and sister
2. He loves to nurse
3. He has tons of blonde hair
We are so smitten.

My heart has doubled in size
Our two biggest blessings. And look at that smile!

Bringing our boy home today! Jack's excited to meet Owen and see his sister.

We are happy to be home and even happier to come home to this! It's such a blessing so many friends and family are helping us make an easy transition. So thankful!
More pictures and his birth story coming soon. For now, back to newborn snuggles which are the best thing ever.


  1. You look incredible even in that adorable last bump picture! Your family is simply beautiful!

    1. Thank you Ashley!! What sweet words, I have been blessed no doubt!