Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hospital pictures

While we were at the hospital following Jack's arrival we took some pictures of memories we made during his first 48 hours. These are not professional, just us pointing our Canon 40D and clicking (and a few iPhone snapshots thrown in) but I know we will value them someday and hopefully Jack will enjoy seeing them too.
He's here!
Daddy pushing the button for brahms' lullaby to announce his arrival.
Just a few minutes old in Daddy's arms.
My two dear friends Marcie and Susan who helped me deliver both Georgia and Jack! They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Our healthy boy!

Weighing in
His newborn exam. He passed with flying colors.
His first footprint 
First bath 
His bassinet updated and ready for him. The sweet nurses know how much I love a monogram and made him a personalized hat!

I know I'm slightly biased but he takes cuteness to another level
He will hate me someday but I couldn't resist :)
Jack and his sister have the same little button nose

 And mommy's big lips
But he mostly looks like the Harrison side. His Daddy is sure proud!
Just a photo I snapped with my iPhone one night after a feeding. He's almost too pretty to be a boy :)

Squishy squishy rolls

 He was helping Susan check his vitals.
Long feet and toes
The proudest big sis!

Father and son. Marcus is the only grandson out of seven grandkids so it was up to us to pass on the Harrison name.

Mommy and baby.

He's going to be a momma's boy y'all I can just feel it.
As I've mentioned before this blog is my virtual family scrapbook so I want to document as much of these days as I can. These truly are the best days of our lives.

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