Monday, April 13, 2015

Waiting On Jack

My due date is tomorrow and we're still waiting on our boy. He loves his mommy's belly! I'm hoping he might just be punctual and decide tomorrow is the day. We are so ready to meet him!

I took this silhouette picture last Sunday at 39 weeks so I can remember just how large I am this time. I'm measuring 44 inches around! A much bigger belly with brother than sister.

We've been doing a nightly countdown with Georgia Grace for a month or so now. 

We've done a little walking and exploring during our week at home. She's enjoyed this week of one-on-one time so much.

"I go with you to the hospital mommy" We've got a plan for Georgia for whenever he does make his arrival. I'm so thankful we have family close that can take care of her while we're away. She's excited about her slumber parties with her grandmas!
It's Masters Week so that's what we've had on when we're home and inside. Someone found the best seat in the house to watch it. She's holding on to the baby title as long as she can :)
Jack's nursery is 95% ready. He'll never know we don't have curtains yet or prints above his crib :) Everything is ready for him. We've bought batteries for all the equipment, drefted all fabrics and packed his diaper bag. 
A panoramic view. It's a happy, fresh and simple room that I know we will enjoy spending time in.

Hopefully the next time I post it will be announcing our baby's arrival!


  1. Prayers for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy!

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers! We definitely felt them!

  2. Love it all, especially that first picture!

    1. Thanks friend! I couldn't pass up the opportunity.