Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter weekend has come and gone, and it was a great one. Jack decided to not make his grand arrival just yet so all the normal activities went on as scheduled. An Easter baby would have been a neat birth story but I'm glad I was able to enjoy the weekend with family and spend Georgia's last Easter as an only child with her. He's still a very content boy in mommy's belly :) 

Thursday was the Easter party at preschool. It was a yucky, rainy day so their egg hunt had to be moved indoors. I know that's not ideal for them but I think my girl had funny anyway by the look of this picture. This is her and one of her best friends Callyn.

Before they had their egg hunt, they colored the eggs they were going to hunt (each child brought in a dozen hard boiled eggs). We didn't dye eggs at home this year so I'm glad she was able to do it at preschool. And of course the egg she is coloring is orange. When they went to change colors she said "I want orange all the time" ha! But she did venture and try different colors eventually.
And I know I'm biased but I have to brag on her preschool. Through this Easter season she has learned about Jesus and came home singing Easter songs about Jesus that she learned there. They always focus on the true meaning of each season and left the secular things be secondary to what really matters. I so appreciate that and I know she is already being fed the knowledge she needs at such a young age. What a blessing!

Saturday was our Easter egg hunt at church and all I could think about was this scene from Steel Magnolias. All we needed was a bunny suit and moped for Marcus! I had to watch it Friday night, it's one of my all time favorites. No labor for me at the hunt but I know I made others nervous waddling around in the church yard.

Sister found 15 eggs at the egg hunt. She was completely content with her loot and watched the other kids hunt in between picking up her eggs.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny had left her a basket full of goodies beside her crib.

We had some serious bedhead going on which I adore.

She loved all of her things! She told us she heard and saw the Easter bunny :) Also, the sweet gown she is wearing is one I bought for her and brother to match just in case he came before Easter. We will still wear them as spring gowns whenever he decides to make his debut.

My beautiful chickadee. We decided to do one more year with the bonnet. It's my favorite!

Getting too big too fast. I think I'm going to have to start "fixing" her two and a half. Sister's got the locks!

Per the usual my birthday (Tuesday) and Easter shared the occasion, and we all went to my Mamaw Carolyn's after church to celebrate both. She makes (or our friend Gina) me a strawberry cake every year because that's my favorite and I go home with the leftovers so you know what I'm eating this week.

We took a few family pictures outside by our cherry tree with perfectly timed blooms. This is our first Spring in our new house and I'm appreciating the nice landscaping we have and Marcus has big plans to improve the yard this week during Spring Break. Also, I was 39 weeks on Sunday. The dress I was going to wear didn't fit and I'm way past the "cute baby bump" stage but I found a canopy to fit me (if you've seen me in the last month odds are I was wearing this dress ha!) and we made it to church on time so all was well :)

Sunday evening we celebrated Easter with Marcus's family. I'm afraid this girl is in for a rude awakening soon when she's not the only baby in the family to dote on. She had her own personal egg hunt and two people following her around taking pictures. She doesn't want for a thing!

She eventually found all the eggs with help from some adults. I was proud of her!

Easter 2015

I'm thankful we serve a risen Savior who paid the ultimate price on the cross so I never have to answer for my sins. They are washed away because I believe in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my personal Savior. I pray that my children will make that same profession some day and that Marcus and I raise them in a home where they know the real meaning for the season and love God like we do. I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter!

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