Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Tour: The Kitchen

It's Spring Break, I'm nesting and the final projects were completed this week so it seemed like the perfect time to do a virtual tour of our kitchen. We've been in our house since the week of Thanksgiving and this is the first room that is 100% finished. Home remodeling never goes as fast as you predict but it is well worth the wait when you see the finished product. 

Welcome to our kitchen!

I've mentioned this before but when we saw this house for the first time and I walked in the kitchen I just knew this was the house for us. The bones of the kitchen were exactly what we were looking for, all it needed was a little updating and TLC. 
Looking in from the Dining Room. I love that the island is free standing and the central part of the kitchen. I don't think I would have changed a thing if I had designed it myself.

This is the view from sitting in the living room. It's no secret I've swooned over a white kitchen for a long time. The cabinets needed some touch up paint that Granddad was able to do for us (and he did a fabulous job!) and we added new hardware. I love the mixture of solid doors and glass doors. There's just enough to show some pretties and hide the Frozen sippy cups and snackeez containers :)

We added a subway tile backsplash that is probably my favorite change we made to the kitchen. I didn't realize how much it would bring the room together. 

Our kitchen island is where we spend so much of our time. There's cabinet storage on one side and a ledge on the other for bar seating. It also has a four burner cooktop and the open shelving I use to store my cookbooks and Owen's treats and toys. We eat nearly all our meals here, we have a third smaller barstool that we store in the pantry and pull out when we all three eat at the same time. I know this won't work for much longer when Jack gets here but right now it suits our needs.

I love my cabinets! They are in abundance and include roll out cabinet shelves and built-in organizers. We also upgraded all the appliances to a smudge-proof stainless steel. We knew we would want to do that eventually so while we were changing countertops we knew it was the best time to do that.
Speaking of countertops, we upgraded them to a gray granite. We also added new stainless knobs and pulls. For the countertops I knew I wanted something light in color and quartz/marble was not in our budget so we set out to find a light granite that closely resembled what I wanted. We found a perfect slab in Nashville and had it installed by a company out of Bowling Green. We have been very happy with our tops.
The view from the breakfast table. No, I don't keep fresh flowers year around but it just so happens to be my birthday week so you can find a beautiful hydrangea (my favorite flower) plant making the room extra happy and springy.

Our barstools were a splurge purchase from Pottery Barn. I was picky about these because I knew this would be where Georgia Grace (and eventually Jack) would sit for breakfast, snack, to watch mommy and daddy cook, etc. so I wanted them to be as safe as possible. I love the high backs and how wide they are. They swivel and the seagrass is perfect for crumbs, just sweep or vacuum them out and voila! They are super comfy too.

We bought identical light fixtures for the breakfast table and island overhead. The kitchen has great can lights as well to highlight the cabinets but the main fixtures of the room were dated. We were nervous about how these would look but so far we love the light they give and how they keep the room open with their glass finish. My only complaint is they are hard to keep clean, especially the one over the island. But their beauty makes up for it!

A good view of the can lights around the perimeter of the kitchen. The flooring is original hardware that is throughout the main floor.

Since we were getting new countertops we upgraded our faucet as well since it would be custom cuts. This is one of the first purchases I made for the kitchen. I knew exactly what I wanted and it has not disappointed.

Our breakfast nook area. I love that it's completely enclosed with floor to ceiling windows. This is a table that was in Marcus's family and we used it as our main dining room table in our starter home. I love that we are able to continue using it in this house. It is the perfect size for the space!

In the corner of the kitchen as you go into the living room we have our "command center". It hasn't received much attention yet and right now mainly functions as our catch all. We did install a granite top from the slab we used in the kitchen and updated the hardware. I'm looking forward to making this space function more efficiently in the future. It has so much potential and right now it's doing a great job of hiding our day to day clutter. Directly across from the command center is a walk-in pantry.
Needless to say we love our central hub of the house. We've already made so many memories in our kitchen. Thanks for stopping by!

And a big thanks to Granddad and Chris who helped us with all our kitchen projects. We are forever indebted to them!
Barstools: Pottery Barn
Wall color: Bamboo by Porter Paints
Light fixtures: Glass lantern chandelier

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