Monday, April 20, 2015

One Week New

Daddy went back to work today, we are on our own without my mom and mother-in-law staying with us and we are starting our new routine as a family of four this week. Having Marcus at home helping me the first week was so great. He helped in so many ways by keeping the house picked up, fixing food (food brought in by family and friends, we are so blessed!), laundry and so much more. I'm so glad he is who I get to experience life with. And having an extra pair of hands for a week at night was a big help too (thanks Mom, Shannon and Gram!). It takes a village!

I've started working on Jack's birth story and gathering our hospital pictures we took with our Canon. I hope to get both posts completed before the end of the month. But if I don't I'm giving myself some grace on that one :) Napping with a newborn is more important right now!

Here's a glimpse of what our first week has looked like-
We headed home with our newest family member on Tuesday. He slept the whole way and never made a peep, just like his sister did on her first car ride home. 

Both our babies loaded in their carseats ready to leave the hospital. I think you can definitely tell their siblings in this comparison.

Jack is home! And I should note our azalea bushes are blooming for our Masters Sunday baby :)

Can you spot Owen? He was a happy boy to have us home and loves his new brother. He has loved all the company we have had, maybe a little too much ha! He has a big heart and loves people, especially his people.
We have a lot of sleeping pictures because when he's awake he's mostly interested in one thing ha! He is trying to keep his healthy figure.
Georgia is continuing to transition well. She really loves her brother and hasn't shown any signs of jealousy yet. The only battle we've had is just being out of routine. She lives for routine just like her momma. We've all tried to do things to make her feel special this week. Since the weather has been nice, I've been taking her outside to play just me and her. It's good for both of us.

Saturday my friend Julia came over to take newborn pictures. She has photographed most of our biggest life milestones and I was glad she was available to capture this special time too.  It was a beautiful, perfect spring day and it went really well.

I'm so glad she was able to come to our house to take them. It was less stressful and I think we were able to add personal touches that you couldn't have captured in a studio. Georgia decided to turn the camera around on Julia :) I thought it was the sweetest!
Jack received his first piece of mail this week from my cousin Shelky in Tennessee. And big sis also received the sweetest coloring book that brought on the happy mommy tears. Thank you Shelky! We love them!
Just a little sneak peak from the newborn session because I'm too proud not to share. He was a good boy and was awake for some and asleep for some so we should have a good mix.

The Ross's also came over Saturday to visit and bring us supper. I can't believe these two are big enough to be sitting in barstools!

She was a little aggressive with her goodbye kiss but he didn't mind :)

And so it begins. Even with a big newborn eating every 1-2 hours I still have a surplus. But what a wonderful thing to have in abundance! I should have a good stockpile when we introduce breastmilk bottles.
Napping on daddy. We all took lots of naps this week and he is the best nap partner. 
Georgia decided to put on a fashion show for my mom and I one night. After she drug out every article of clothing in her drawers she said "these are all baby clothes" HA! I guess that's her way of asking for a new wardrobe.
We may have missed Easter but my two baby bunnies. Sibling pictures allow personalities to shine :) After the picture she said "He's heavy". We have a feeling he will pass her before too long.

My little butterball 

One week as a family of four and my biggest emotion is grateful. God has given us two of the best gifts in Georgia and Jack. My heart overflows!

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  1. You have a beautiful family! Glad to hear everything is going so well.