Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beating the Heat

It's been eight weeks since Jack became part of our family and I told Marcus tonight in some ways it feels like he has always been here. I just can't imagine life without him in it. And he's been such an easy baby that these newborn days are truly filled with mostly very happy memories. 

I received my 2014 blog book last week and we have completely finished Jack's nursery so I will try to get those posts up this week but for now here's a glimpse at the end of our week and the weekend-

It's amazing how quickly and frequently you start doing things with the second child. I bet Georgia Grace was close to six months old before I took her to Target. This weeks trip was probably Jack's fifth Target run :) He does love a good shopping nap.

We went to the pool a couple times this week. Gammy is on summer break so she can help tend to one of the babies while I take care of the other one. This one has her Gammy wrapped!

Saturday we planned a fishing trip for Georgia at my Uncle David's pond. Her fishing ended before I could get any pictures and then myself, the babes and mamaw were back at the house to play. Sweet boy was feeling a little off on Saturday (maybe gas?) but mamaw's porch swing did the trick.

Mamaw watched both babies for a little while so I could fish and when she put Jack in the crib Georgia had to get in it too. She is a good doting sister and he eats it up!

After the fishing trip we grabbed some lunch and headed for some more pool fun before nap time. Georgia is a child that sometimes has to be pushed outside of her comfort zone in order for her to try new things. She had mainly been hanging out on the pool steps until Daddy decided to swim with her and she took off like a fish!

She was jumping in off the side, letting him throw her in the air and swimming in her puddle jumper without him holding her. It was so fun to watch her gain confidence in the water and have such a blast.

The many faces of our waterdog. You know where to find us all summer.

After we got Jack's newborn picture CD I decided to order an 11x14 of him to frame. Then I thought it would be fun to start a newborn wall and I ordered an 11x14 of Georgia as well. It puts a smile on my face every time I pass by.

This picture just makes my heart melt. The love they have for each other is undeniable. He is the first person she asks about when she wakes up in the morning. He loves when she talks to him and gives him kisses.

And this one just makes me laugh! She look like such a big girl and who knows about Jack, some said it looks like a guilty toot face :) Very possible!

I'm excited for another fun week at home with my babies. We don't have any big plans, we're just spending as much time outside as we can and making the most of our long, summer days. Hope y'all had a good weekend too!

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  1. We have been that way with the 2nd child too! Mark went to Target for the first time at 2 weeks old. This weekend! Love all the pool pics!