Friday, June 12, 2015

Jack is TWO months old!

  • Your two month check-up is in a few weeks and I will update your height and weight then (12 lbs 13 oz-50th percentile and 24 1/4 inches-80th percentile). You are wearing size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing. You wore your first pair of size 0 shoes this month. You are a big boy with  squishy legs and arms. It's adorable!
  • You eat every three hours during the day and six hours at night. You nurse most of the time but we have started giving you more breastmilk bottles. You don't mind how you get it as long as I feed you :)
  • Your hair is long and blonde. Your eyes are dark blue. You have long eyelashes like your sister but they are lighter.
  • You love sleeping in a swaddle. You sleep swaddled in a blanket in your bassinet at night. During the day you nap in various places-swing, bouncy seat, carseat and ergobaby carrier.
  • Last month you hated baths but now you enjoy them! You give us the biggest smiles and coos.
  • You don't like being hungry, being put down and poopy diaper changes.
  • You love for me to wear you in the ergobaby carrier. I hesitated to buy a carrier because your sister was not a fan but you think it's great. You've cooked, walked/jogged, done laundry, etc. with me.
  • I think it's safe to say at this point that you are a mommy's boy. And maybe a little spoiled. I've heard you can't spoil a newborn, you just love them really well so that sounds better to me!
  • Your big sister thinks you hung the moon. She asks about you first thing in the morning and gives you loves 1284385 times a day. She likes to hold you some but mostly leaves that to mommy and daddy.
  • Your feet are straightening up and we can tell a noticeable difference in their shape. We do daily stretches to make sure they are growing correctly and to prevent future casting.
  • You love your paci, specifically your wubbanub that has a puppy attached to it. You have also started enjoying toys like rattles, mobiles and mirrors this month. 
  • You continue to be an easy baby. You are healthy and as long as all your needs are met (and in a timely fashion), you are very happy! You have the cutest little side grin that reminds us of your great-grandfather Denzel.

This picture is why the first picture happened. I just started rocking your chair and in about 30 seconds you were out. :)

I think they look alike but I'm not seeing it in these side by side comparisons. They have different coloring and size of course.

Happy two months, brother bear! If all of the other months are as fun and easy as these last two we have lucked out in the good baby department!

We love you so much!

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