Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Start of Summer

June is here and we are already on our laid back summer schedule. Daddy is home with us now and it's fun getting to spend our days however we want to. So far our rainy weather has kept us indoors mostly but hopefully normal June weather is on the way. For the past several summers we have been gone to the beach this week but we decided to delay it this year until fall. I hope I can make it until then!
Georgia has continued to do well having a baby brother around but Saturday she broke down on me because Jack wasn't asleep when it was her naptime and I guess she was sad that she couldn't be awake with us. I decided we would all three take a nap and after a lot of effort to get them both asleep at the same time it finally happened. Is there anything more angelic than babies sleeping? I think not.

Sunday Jack was seven weeks old and wore his first pair of shoes to church. How precious are these? They were hand me downs from our best bud Roman. So far dressing a boy has been so much more fun that I ever imagined.
A friend of mine posted one of those snarky Hallmark cards on facebook that read, "Whoever wrote the song 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' didn't take his kids to church on a regular basis." I believe the devil is out in full force on Sunday mornings trying to rob us of a blessing.
 Our Sunday consisted of Georgia spilling orange juice on the way to church. Jack wasn't hungry before we left but as soon as we got to church he decides that he's starving so I nurse him in a classroom and leak all over my dress. We spent the whole service in said classroom so I could dry out. At first I felt defeated and that the devil had won but it was the opposite. We were in the Lord's house, Georgia was happy playing with her nursery friends and Marcus heard a wonderful message that he shared with me later that day. I'm so glad we didn't give in and miss out on a blessing!

Sunday afternoon we visited our aunt Nell Harrison. She is Marcus's great aunt and Georgia shares a name with her as her first name is also Georgia (she said she started going by Nell after kids at school started calling her "George"). She was so happy we were having a boy! Girls are dominant on the Harrison side and Marcus was the only Harrison male left in child bearing years so I know she's proud the family name will live on.
My long and lean girl. I'm hoping she may be a runner like her (pre-baby) mommy.

My mother-in-law took this the other night and I think it's just the sweetest. Georgia was playing like they were in the tent. She often wants to include Jack when she is playing. Right now she's big into wanting us to tell her stories. She asked me to tell her the story of Jack going to the doctor for his feet. Then she asked me to tell her the story of Georgia going to the doctor for her feet ha!

This crazy, rainy weather nonsense has given us no choice but to wear our bathing suit around the house. Oh my gracious! I hope she always thinks being dressed like a strawberry is cool :)

I decided it was time to start doing a little exercise when I can fit it in. I started walking a week ago and decided this week to be more diligent about it and track my mileage. I have a good half mile loop that I'm enjoying. It includes our driveway and a little of the road we live on. There's very little traffic and it's a good hilly terrain. My time isn't great but I'm wearing 12 pounds of baby and pushing 25 pounds of toddler so that has to count for something. It feels good to be moving again!

Our little bruiser. Look at those chins! He is continuing to fill out and be a chunky hunk.
This week Daddy decided to treat our girl to a daddy-daughter slumber party. They started in the floor in her nursery, moved to the couch and ended up in our bed :) She thought it was awesome.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Jack's shoes are adorable!!! We are trying church for the first time with both kids this Sunday. I hope it goes well but you made a good point, even if it doesn't, it's still a blessing that we made it. Our church has a nursing room with a tv that you can watch the service so if I need to I can go in there. Glad y'all are enjoying your summer so far!