Friday, May 29, 2015


This is our last Friday that it will feel like a Friday for a while because the school year is complete and every day can feel like the weekend :) I'm so excited for the month of June. We will all five (including Owen) be home together to enjoy the sweet summertime. I'm certain these will be the days I will never want to forget.

The days are long right now so we have plenty of time after supper to be outside. Wednesday night she enjoyed running through the water draining from our planters. I love this age, entertainment can still be easy and free.

Sister was playing outside with Daddy so Jack and I took a stroll. Both my babies have always loved strolling. We still haven't pulled the trigger on a double stroller. I get anxiety just thinking about all the options and dropping that much money. I need to just do it though because I want to go to the zoo soon and it will be necessary then.

Long blonde eyelashes, oxford blue gown and my sleepy baby boy. The perfect accessories for morning snuggles!

Georgia went to school with Daddy on the second to last day as a little surprise to his students. She sang them the ABC's and brought donuts as a treat. Mr. Harrison loves showing off his baby girl!

Thursday was her last official day of preschool for the summer. AKK runs on a school calendar so when school is out they end their academics until August. She learned so much her first year. She has made the best of friends. And she has been loved and taken care of by three of the best preschool teachers in the world (who just so happen to be my in-laws but they really are the best!). I'm sure she will want to go back some this summer to see her friends and swim. 

Her first day in November until now. She has grown a lot!

I had to share the first outtake. Her pouty face came out because she didn't want to have her picture made. A simple "don't you smile for mommy" and the frown turned around ;)

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. We got the Britax B Ready Double with the lower seat and it worked wonderfully before our 2 (15 months apart) got over the age of 2 then no one wanted to sit on the bottom. When we added baby #3 only 22 months later we figured out to put the baby on the bottom! Everyone wins :) Cute blog and adorable kiddos.