Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly pictures

Finding time to blog is hard to come by right now so this is basically just pictures and social media captions. Everyone but Jack is either battling a head cold and/or allergies so it's not been the most fun week at the Harrison camp. I'm hoping relief is in the near future!

Last week I let him play in his crib with a toy that Georgia picked out for him and he had a big time watching and listening to it. I was surprised that at two weeks he was already so alert and reaching out to touch the toy.
 A typical morning for us. And we're already outgrowing our newborn clothes ;( It was a short and sweet two weeks.
Yay for a clean diaper and making it a full day without an outfit change! Then it was bedtime for my little duck.
Two and brand new.
There is a lot of love in this picture. And she may be the older sister but I believe he will be the "big brother" :)
I started pumping between nursing sessions in preparation for introducing breastmilk bottles in the future and it's safe to say I have a pretty solid supply. However, I probably have a case of oversupply because I feel like I started flooding him. We made a few tweaks and I've cut back on pumping for now and things are better. Nursing is a tricky game!
Last Friday while Daddy was at work and Georgia was at preschool, brother and I headed out for some appointments and to run some errands. It's rare that I'm dressed and have makeup on these days so I thought I better document it. This boy loves his carseat and riding in a vehicle so it was a fun, easy outing.

One of my appointments was at the venue for our ten year class reunion that's coming up in July. It will be at Indian Hills Country Club and I was so impressed with everything. I'm excited to see classmates I haven't seen in a long time in just a few short months. And I won't even talk about how absurd it seems that it's been ten years since I graduated high school! It feels like yesterday.
Thursday Georgia turned 2 1/2 and Daddy took her on a daddy-daughter date to celebrate. I think they both had a blast!
If I couldn't be at Derby this weekend this was the next best thing. Picnic with my babes at our old Kentucky home. Marcus has already promised me tickets to Derby next year for my birthday and I'm way more excited than I should be for something that's a year away :) Definitely something on my bucket list.
And just when I felt good about being one pound shy of my pre-pregnancy birth weight, Princess Kate brings me back down to reality :) She looks incredible and Princess Charlotte is just perfect. And of course I love all the namesakes she was given. I'm totally starstruck by them.
Our newborn pictures were delivered this week so I will try to post them this week plus the post of Georgia meeting Jack. Hopefully I will be caught up soon!  

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