Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jack's Biggest Fans

In typical second child fashion, we weren't diligent about getting pictures of Jack with family and friends but most took it upon themselves to do that and sent them to me so I would have a copy. Thanks y'all! I want them in our blog book so this post is devoted to the man of the hour and the ones that love him most! And anyone we don't have pictures with yet I hope to in the coming weeks. 
Cousins Beth and Isabella Faye
Mamaw Carolyn
"Aunt" Rachel and Ro-Ro
"Aunt" Marian
Meme Dianne
Cousin Keagen
"Uncle" Nate
Sweet friend Carissa
Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna
"Aunt" Ash
Uncle Eric and Aunt Paige
Grandmomma with both her great-grandbabies
Cousin Payt *his first smile captured in a picture!
And last but not least Gran Stan and Gammy with both grandbabies

And a bonus picture of three Harrisons giving the youngest Harrison a diaper change :)

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