Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Georgia and Jack

Our babies are two and a half years apart and we knew there closeness in age would be fun and challenging all at the same time. We tried our best to prepare for life with a newborn and a two year old by making sure Georgia was potty trained, sleeping in her own crib, making her feel special and important, etc. Despite all the preparation on our part, I still feared it might be hard for Georgia to relinquish some of the attention but to our continued surprise it has went very smooth. I couldn't have asked for an easier transition for our family. Such an answer to prayer! 
The new sibling relationship began the day Jack was born. When I was ready for visitors, Marcus went to get Georgia from our family that had her in the waiting room so that she could be the very first person to meet him. As soon as she heard the lullaby, she was ready to come see us so we tried to not make her wait too long.
As soon as she spotted him, she started waving. I knew at that point this meeting was going to be special and filled with love.
She was so curious about everything. She asked a lot of questions and tried to take it all in. Jack had been crying before she came in and when she entered the room he was quiet and content the whole time. It was pretty amazing.

They allowed five visitors at a time to come back and meet Jack and she made every trip to show off her new brother. You could tell she was so proud of him.
And this picture is one I know when I pull out in years to come it will bring on the mommy tears and make me long for the day that my children were this size. This was after we were in our room and she was getting a better look at him. She said "Hi Jack, I'm Georgia Grace, your big sister". I don't know if there's a sweeter love than the love between siblings. 
She held him for the first time the day after he was born. She thought she was big stuff and wanted to impress everybody. He was just as content as he could be with her.
When we got home the holding continued :) She has been good about just holding him occasionally and not for very long. I was worried she would want to be all over him 24/7 but that hasn't been the case.
Just an outtake from our matching bunny gown photo-op. She was trying to move his head the way she wanted it ha!

The day we had our pictures made I feared the jealous bone would prevail but she didn't shown any signs of jealousy whatsoever. When we were taking pictures of just Jack she was happy to play on her own and never once tried to steal the show. What an awesome big sister!
Matching big sister/little brother tops <3
And a sibling picture I will hang on our wall and cherish forever. So much love in one picture.
Our two biggest blessings
We have been blessed with family that have been available to come by and play with Georgia or take her out to eat or watch her for a while so we can spend time with just Jack and so she gets extra attention. That has made a big difference in making our transition go so well and I'm so thankful for those small things that are really big things in my book.
I'm sure not everyday will be easy and I'm sure once he's big enough to play and get in her stuff it won't always be happy times but we'll fight those battles as they come. For now I'm just thankful for my girl and my boy and the love they have for each other.


  1. Oh how precious! I can't wait to make Nora a big sister one day!

  2. It's the best, Ash! And having one of each gender is so special. I love getting to experience both!