Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life Lately

It's been a busy week with little time for blogging. Blogging is one of those "if I have extra time" to-dos and there hasn't been any extra time this week. And that's ok because there's more important things to do such as cuddling our baby boy, playing kitchen and babies with my big girl, consoling a best friend through the loss of her brother, planning a class reunion and the list goes on. My days are full and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

If we all loved mornings as much as this boy the world would be a happier place. This week he has really started smiling and laughing out loud a lot. I can't even handle it! His smile in this picture was a reward for his sister talking and singing to him :)

Tuesday was Election Day so we spent the day with Daddy since school was not in session. She wanted to hold him before we left for our little outing. She holds him a few seconds longer every time. There's no doubt he's her favorite person!

We went out for pizza for lunch and stopped at one store to shop and then we went to my grandparent's farm to pick strawberries and see their cows. They had brought us a big bowl of strawberries from their patch earlier in the week and we thought it would be a good idea for Georgia to pick some for herself.

She immediately started picking them like she had done it a million times. She LOVED it! She treated it like her job and only picked a few white ones.

She picked plenty of strawberries but failed to pick something else ;) I just love this precious picture so much. She will not be happy about this someday.

Between Georgia and Mamaw they picked a big tupperware bowl full and we took them home with us to eat on. They were gone in a day. We are a strawberry eating bunch! We plan on having our own strawberry patch for next season, Mamaw and Papaw are helping us prepare it. I'm so excited! Hopefully this one will be more successful than the one I had as a teenager...

Wednesday was a big day for us as we took Jack to his appointment at Chidren's Orthopedic of Louisville. When Jack was four days old we learned that his feet toed in and if they did not improve casting would be in our future. This was caused by his large size at birth and being crammed in the womb. For the past five weeks there's been a lot of stretching, research and prayer. We saw a specialist today and he has a very mild case that has improved so much since birth that he will not have to be casted! We realize this is a very minor thing and we're counting our blessings that he is healthy. I'm proud of my strong, big boy and we're just so thankful for answered prayers.

And he was the best thing all day. He slept the whole way there which was longer than we expected since we went to their second location and had to travel across town after finding out we were in the wrong place. He woke up for his appointment and to nurse and then slept the whole way home! He seriously makes me want to have 10 kids. He weighed 11 lbs 4 ounces so he had gained over a pound in less than 2 weeks-he's a buster!

This week our best friend Rachel lost her brother to a hit and run motorcycle accident. As you can imagine it has been a very hard week for them so please keep them in your prayers if you think of it. Ironically Marcus's parents were involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident 16 years ago. This was before I knew them so Marcus shared with me some of the details of their wreck this week. I'm so glad God was gracious and spared them. It's such an unthinkable act but we know God works for the good of those who love Him and though we may not understand His plan we know He goes before us and prepares the way.

Today is our anniversary! It's been five years, three moves, three college degress, two babies, two homes, one dog and a whole lotta memories in between. Happy 5th anniversary to my high school sweetheart and forever groom! Life is so much better with him by my side. Tonight we went on our first date night since Jack was born. My in-laws kept the babies while we took a little three hour date complete with dinner and grocery shopping ha! That's life for us now. It's so very glamorous!

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