Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Yay for the official start of summer! Marcus only has two more days of school so we're pretty much in summer mode already. Georgia talks about swimming all the time (and the beach and Disney World, we told her she must be patient on those requests). We're stocked up on sunscreen and beach towels. Let the fun begin!  

I recently started swaddling Jack and he is a total swaddle baby. We've been calling him our banana. And I give it credit for giving me six straight hours of sleep!

Saturday we went to my Mom's for our first pool day of the season. It was a beautiful day but the water was still a little chilly so we most played on the pool deck. She's still young enough that she is content with some bath toys and a bowl of water :)

My little linebacker is six weeks old. He's staying awake more during the day and sleeping longer at night. I can see him transitioning out of the newborn stage and even though the extra sleep is wonderful I still feel a little sad that stage went so quickly.

Sunday evening Georgia was playing outside after her nap when three neighbor girls (who are all also former AKK's so we know them well) came over to play. Georgia was in heaven! They were so sweet to come over and play with her.

We took the kids to the cemetery where my Papaw is buried this weekend. Jack "Porter" is named after him and several people think he favors my Papaw. I'm glad he will also live on through our son.

On Memorial Day I attempted my first lattice [apple] pie. This pie was made with Georgia in a bar stool playing with a broken pie crust and Jack strapped in my ergobaby. It was a family effort! It turned out better than I expected and I think I gained a little confidence in the kitchen.

My patriotic babes. It was a rainy, yucky day but these two little sunshines made up for it.

Memorial Day 2014. One of my favorite pictures of my girl! And yes we wore the same outfit two years in a row, it's also a favorite of mine.

As we welcome summer around here, it has me thinking about what we want to get out of this season and the events we want to participate in. This was our summer bucket list from last year and we were able to complete about 3/4 of them. We realize this year summer is going to look a little different with a new baby but we want to make it just as fun and memorable. I'm adding a 2015 summer bucket list to my to-do list this week!

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