Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Sunday was not only Mother's Day for me but Jack's dedication at church so the day was an extra special one. I've been so excited for our church family to meet him and he was such a good baby the whole time. He was awake half the time and just as content as he could be. Most of the time when he's awake he only wants to eat but he's starting to stay awake longer and didn't have to nurse until after the church service. I was pleased!
Before we left for church we took a few pictures on our porch. This little spot has become our picture taking place. I love my sweet babies in their white Sunday best!
My first Mother's Day as a boy mom. I am not naïve to realize how blessed I am to experience being a mom to a daughter and son.
My three Mother's Days. Each year it just gets better and better.
We know the best gift we can give our children as parents is our commitment to Christ and to each other. We are surrounded by a body of believers who pray for us and encourage us. I'm thankful for our church where we can bring our children to be fed the gospel.  

My Mom, Stan and Mamaw came to our church for the dedication along with my Dad's family who also attend our church. My mom has made motherhood so much better and easier having her by my side. She helps me through the hard days and celebrates with me on the great days. Thank you mom!
We ended the day (after naptime!) with a little trip to shop for patio furniture. This was my idea because Marcus and I never make time to shop together and we are eager to start entertaining outside. We didn't have any luck but we did get some ideas and bought night stands so it was a successful trip. Both kids did great. Jack slept peacefully in his carseat and Georgia rode happily in the cart. We have great kids.

This little one is as headstrong as they come but she can melt your heart in an instant. She probably told me Happy Mother's Day fifteen times and said it with such excitement each time as if it was the first time she had said it. Even though she's two and we have our daily battles we know those things are just a phase and she will eventually brush her teeth without protest and take medicine without gagging. The days are long but the years are short.

Being a mom is the best job.  

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