Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Picture Purge

Time for a little photo dump. Some of these pictures are from early on but I found them and realized I hadn't blogged them. I'm almost caught up and it feels good! 
My caption for this picture was "There's no one else I'd rather get my days and nights mixed up with." Thankfully, that was just a few nights and we are back to a more normal routine. I use the word routine very loosely.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed. When he's awake, he's wide awake!

Georgia loves hanging out in our bed. When she was down with her allergies for a few weeks this was her spot. Thankfully she's much better and still loves mommy and daddy's bed :)

If the sun is shining the rolls are shining. And long hair don't care. Such the ladies man.

We're having some perfect 70 degree days around here and Georgia Grace is living them up with her preschool friends! 

Milking every drop of daylight. He was teaching them football. Jack will be joining in before we know it!

I never posted the picture they took of Jack at the hospital. I love how he has his lips puckered. 

Our current bedtime location. This is the place where he has slept the longest so it's his bed for now. I'm hoping he'll be ready to sleep in his bassinet soon but for now this works just fine.

Nap time for the babies, making sure the second child has a filled out baby book for mommy :) I ordered the Emily Ley baby book that was released April 15th and it's been fun to document in. The pictures for the book I ordered from Printstagram, all I had to do was select which Instagram pictures I wanted to print and they did the rest and shipped to my door. I'm all about simple these days.
We're having a better week around here than last week, it was just a hard one for various reasons. Georgia is back in routine and the "terrible twos" haven't been as terrible. Bless her heart you could tell she just wasn't herself. She would literally cry at the drop of a hat. I hope that's behind us and doesn't come back! Jack is still wanting to eat often. He gave me one night that he only got up once but every other night it's two or three times. And I'm just not a nap person so I'm making due on the small sleep stretches he gives me. But we're making it just fine and taking it one day at a time.
 Tomorrow my brother is coming in from Florida, it will be his first time to meet Jack so we are extra excited to see him.

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