Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bible School and Bathing Beauties

This week was our church's vacation bible school and our first year of being involved with it. We have taken Georgia Grace for one day in previous years just to expose her to it but she was too young to go to class so there really wasn't much point.  This year we encouraged her to go to a class (and she did!) and Marcus taught the 4th grade class so Jack and me tagged along most days to be a part of the "nursery class" :)

The theme this year was "Journey Off The Map" and one of our church members created the most amazing set. He started working on this in April and spent countless hours perfecting all the details. It was spectacular!

My bible school babies! I realize GGH is a little overdressed for VBS but we had a rough morning and her first outfit was not wearable by the time we were walking out the door so I grabbed the closest thing hanging in our laundry room. And Jack on the other hand was still in a bedtime gown. Motherhood at its finest!

Our VBS is in the morning from Monday to Friday. We have a lot of teachers/retirees/SAHM in our congregation so daytime works best. Our first day we had 232 there! It was a new first day record.

Taking the annual group picture outside of church

Georgia went to the 4 and up preschool class this week (I actually thought it was 3 and up when we decided to see if she wanted to go to a class). I stayed in the nursery in case she changed her mind or didn't do well in class but she did just fine like I knew she would. Her big cousin Delaney was a preschool helper and she stayed attached to her hip most of the week :) So thankful for her!

The week of bible school is always tiring so we tried not to plan a lot of big activities. One evening we went to the pool to swim when it wasn't hot and sunny.

This was Jack's first time in the pool and he was completely relaxed and loving it! Georgia Grace was more into Jack being in the pool with her than swimming.

I think he's going to be a water baby. He was so sweet just sitting there in the water. He's getting too big too fast!

Everyday I water our ferns, impatiens and rose bush and just recently I have recruited a helper. She loves to feel important and needed.

Even though I feel like she has grown so much since we brought her baby brother home I can still put her in a bubble and pull her hair up and she becomes my little baby again :) I would love to keep her this age forever.

Me-"What's your favorite part of bible school?"
Georgia Grace- "Dancing" HA! I can't wait to put her in a dance class this fall.

Just our little swimmer in her 'mingo suit heading out for another swim! It looks like she's wearing makeup in this picture but I promise it's all natural. She won't wear that stuff until she's 16 if I have my way :)

Tomorrow is our last day of VBS and commencement tomorrow night. I can't believe it's already the middle of June. Summer days seem to move at rocket speed. We're trying our best to make the most of them!

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